Fast charging depletes battery life?

There was an interesting article in the NYTimes from the Detroit Auto Show:

One of the items discussed is the ability to fast charge the car in 45 minutes.

I wonder if taking that option would more quickly deplete the battery life. Does anyone know for certain?

Probably, but it strikes me as something you wouldn't use very often. Most of the time you'd be charging more slowly at home. The 45 minute charge would only be for long road trips, which would be a pretty small percentage of the overall charges.

not for certain, I don't really know what kind of battery is in therefore it's hard to say what's the bad habbits for this kind of battery. The usual suspects are Temperature wich is handled in the Battery pack and also how much it is loaded d over a long time. Often it's not good to have your battery loaded for 100%,

So I don't really think that fast charging will affect it that much. as it only loads to 80% and the additional heat problem should be solved in the pack. But well I might oversee something...

Exactly, provided the temperature control system can handle the batteries temp during the fast charge, it shouldn't lower their lifespan.

I put up a post about the BYD e6 EV sedan coming from China in '12; it claims 50% fast charge in 10 minutes. (Total range ~185 mi.)

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