German Autobahn Cruising at a calm 110MPH driving: Projected Range?

Hello Guys,

I just moved from San Francisco to the German Border region of Belgium. Wonderful twisty country roads here like in Marin county which I love, but `I also love to test the maximum speed that my vehicles are rated by doing some white knuckle driving on the German autobahn. I also use just to get places just about every other day. Curious what range is like when you drive like Jeremy Clarkson on a track as that is the way the Belgians drive.

Anyway, cruising at say a calm, 100 to 110 MPH without unnecessary playful acceleration, based on your experience, what might the range be? I want to know if I can get to Dusseldorf and back from my home nearby Verviers, Belgium. Checking on Google Maps one route has it at 120KM away. Let's assume my house is a little further away and I will drive around the town upon arrival. That makes say 150KM or 300KM roundtrip. Now at 250 miles of range that converts to 400KM which gives me an extra 100 KM, however, with autobahn speeds averaging a large part of the time at 100 to 110 mph easily almost as if keeping up with most of the faster traffic, well most but not all, some are cruising closer to 200KPH, will I be able to make it without charging in Dusseldorf?

That would be great news by the way, then I could make it to other cities like Antwerp and Brussels and the Nürburgring :-p as well as they are in the same range. Excited about my first test drive this weekend in Antwerp!

By the way, anyone tested the top speed?

Right, it's a matter of allocation.

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