Good Charging Hotels

(Edit) Schlermie and dbfish have created a spreadsheet, form, and map to enter and view hotel charging information. Even if you add a location to this thread, please also add it to the spreadsheet, using the form.

The spreadsheet can be found here:

The entry form can be found here:

The map can be found here:

And here is another version of the map that includes a link for the form:

Thanks. (end edit)

I have been complaining that there are no good apps or websites that help us find places to stay that have usable charging facilities. If I were ambitious, I would try to create such a site or spreadsheet (I don't know how to create an app). However, until that happens, I thought I would start a thread where people can list hotels, motels, RV parks, etc., where you can stay overnight and easily charge your Model S. Please include enough detail to make the list useful. I'll start with a couple of places out west, and bump the thread periodically by editing this first post with additions.

1. Seven Feathers Casino Resort and Truck & Travel Center in Canyonville OR, south of Roseburg. Owned by the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation, this facility is about halfway between Seattle and SF. The hotel is good quality and inexpensive, plus the company has several other places to stay nearby, along with five restaurants, entertainment, and other recreational opportunities. The truck stop is across the highway, accessible by a free, 24 hour shuttle. It has a free 70 amp Roadster charger (adapter required for S), a free 30 amp Aerovironment charger, and a CHAdeMO DC fast charger. The adjacent RV park also has NEMA 14-50 outlets, but I believe there is a cost to using them.

2. Heathman Hotel, Portland OR. Located in downtown Portland, the Heathman is a luxury hotel with all the amenities. A pair of Blink level 2 chargers is located in their garage. I have not used these chargers (I HAVE stayed in the hotel, and it is really nice), but I was told that a charging spot can be reserved by guests. I booked under an AARP rate, and parking was free, but there would otherwise be a cost to parking as well as using the Blink chargers. I don't believe these chargers are listed in ReCargo or the other apps.

3. Paso Robles Oaks Hotel, on Highway 101 between LA and SF. See thread started by Hills,

4. We found this hotel well situated in Novato. The restaurant is great, the hotel is okay and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. Even put up cones to reserve the charging station. It's only a J1772 (ChargePoint) but it sure saved our skin when we wandered too far from home.

Inn Marin
250 Entrada Dr, Novato, CA
(415) 883-5952

5. The Hyatt at Indian Wells, CA. They have a 14-50 in their valet parking area. $25 bucks to valet is alot cheaper than a tank of gas!

6. Salt Lake City UT: Hilton Salt Lake City Center has a NEMA 14-50 in their valet parking area.

7. La Jolla, CA (near San Diego): Hotel La Jolla has a NEMA 14-50 around back for guests, 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

8. North of Baltimore, MD: Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn, White Marsh has a park-and-ride across the street with several Chargepoint Level 3 J-1772 connectors.

9. KOA at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV is next to the hotel. They charge a 24 hour "storage" fee of $20 plus tax to park in a paved RV space and hook up to the NEMA 14-50. No overnight sleeping in the car allowed!


Good idea!

@Schlermie - Thanks. I'll try to enter some from this thread when I can. Have you thought about using a form to enter data? It's pretty easy with Google spreadsheets, and it would allow you to protect the sheet (except for the row where the data are being entered).

You can add a good hotel on Long Island, NY: Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center: They installed a NEMA 14/50 outlet for my Model S right in front of the building when I stayed with them in December. They were very helpful and even made a press release for that reason, that they invite EV (Teslas in particular) to their Mason. They did not charge me for the charge:

With any luck, there will be enough places that this thread will become completely unmanageable in no time. Seems like it would be a good idea to recreate this thread separately in each of the regional forums so one could narrow down the scope to the specific area of interest. Maybe make it sticky (if someone from Tesla was interested enough to do that for us).

The only stickies so far are the Questions, Website, and Bulletin corporate ones.

Building on what @Schlermie has started!

I put together some Google Docs Forms that generate a map, and have started adding hotels to it. When you view the map pins, clicking in the Recargo icon in a Tesla should(??) load up the Recargo site to load into the Nav and to check in, if it's listed there (it searches by address, so will also show nearby charging locations).

What do you guys think? I know there are Recargo and Plugshare and the California Tesla Roadster map, but nothing to filter for hotels. This is just a start:

(See tabs for the full data table)

Submit form:

Great! That's what I had in mind, dbfish. However, I tried to look at it and got "Access Denied." I could see the form, however.

Oops will double check. Only tested it in Chrome.

I do a lot of GIS work and will make several improvements using a real web server to cache the map tomorrow.

You might want to have a field for the cost of the charge and/or parking, as well as the charging network (ChargePoint, Blink, etc.)

The Element Hotels (17) are under the Starwood Hotel Co. They advertise chargers, but I am trying the find out types.

The Element Hotel in Lone Tree, CO has NEMA 5-20R. Free to Guests.

Another suggestion:
The most important info about charger other than cost, compatibility and location is the power delivery rate (ie kW per hour).
It is really nice to have that info associated the charger location because it is easy to calc charge time in your head.

Lots of great Vegas hotel/casino charging tips here, but, wanted to add one in...

My trick to this (as has been mentioned) using the app Recargo. I simply cradle and charge my phone right next to me in my Center Console Insert, the CCI from, and have immediate access to my phone for checking local charging locations on the Recargo app. Works like a charm.

More info on this South FL here:
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek - Coconut Creek, FL - Recargo

This particular casino is located in South Florida (pretty close to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami) - the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

I spoke with the Facilities Manager at the Casino - Joe Mcnight.

He is fully aware of and directly responsible for the charging stations. First, he mentioned, he may perhaps be willing to put cones in front of the charging spaces if he has advance notice.

Then, he mentioned that the 3rd floor in the parking garage has 4 public and free J-1772 GE chargers - two on the west side of neat the elevator shaft, two on the east side near the elevator shaft. There was a problem (prior) in that the breakers were set to 20 amps max. Since, a recent Tesla "incident" (he loves the car btw) -- they've contacted their vendor who re--installed/upgraded a 30 amp breaker for each station -- this occurred about three weeks ago. He said that a casino employee has an electric motorcycle and uses these with no problem.

But, he hasn't had anyone with a Tesla test it since they've been "upgraded" to handle Teslas.

Haven't been there yet myself yet to charge the MS, but, wanted to pass along the info as I was thinking of heading there at some point.

He mentioned that they also have about a dozen 112 volt outlets on each floor, slow, but worth mentioning.

Anyone find any Hotels in the Colorado Mountains yet?

@Tesla303 -- I asked about Denver in the "Assault on Mt. Evans" thread. I haven't seen a response yet.

Saw this article today. The more we talk about this, the more it will become something the hotels think about.

There is an APP for your phone. It's called PLUGSHARE. Has user information like what type of station, whether you have to pay. Also has individuals who don't mind having you charge at their homes.

@Tesla 303
The Viceroy in Snowmass.
@ Douglas R
I responded.


Do you mean you responded about Denver hotels? Where did you post?

I just tried Schlermie's link ( and was delighted to find that it is now populated. I haven't checked all the entries, but it looks like most from this thread have been entered. Also, there is a link to a map and form -- the form looks like the one dbfish introduced above, and the map link works (dbfish's map link still doesn't work for me).

Anyway, if the two of you have gotten together on this, that's great! I will modify the first post to include this link.

I added this information to the first post:

Schlermie and dbfish have created a spreadsheet, form, and map to enter and view hotel charging information. Even if you add a location to this thread, please also add it to the spreadsheet, using the form.

The spreadsheet can be found here:

The entry form can be found here:

The map can be found here:


Thanks for this effort. I hope to add a few.

Certainly every KOA facility with cabins could be on the list.

I've found hotels on Plugshare, but as was suggested earlier, it'd be great if you could filter for them.

A big problem is unifying all of the Tesla options which include 100s if not thousands of campgrounds, all of the Elements HOtels, a big number of hotels that will make a plug available.

A hotel that I hope to try in an upcoming trip from NJ to NC is the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond, VA.

@ DouglasR

The Mt. Evans post, I think.

New Hyatt in Denver has charging. There are also multiple parking garages downtown that have charging and are very close to good hotels. Denver Center For Performing Arts and the Tremont Garage both have charging,for example.

I've updated the map quite a bit, the old link doesn't work but the new link does that DouglasR put at the top of this thread. Thanks!

Each entry has a link to search ReCargo, which has an existing way to check-in and update information. I assume in the future this Google map will be obsolete by allowing to filter for hotels on Recargo or other websites, so I'm keeping it simple for now. I'm adding all the Mariott stations as well. I'll update the map every day or two and sync it with reports I find on TMC or Schlermie's spreadsheet. Thanks for those who have entered in hotels on the form!

One thing I may get dinged for - I'm not listing hotels on the map that are across the street from public stations. I'd rather have a hotel responsible that I can go to about charging problems and not worry about a car left in a public lot overnight.

IMHO I think Tesla would do well to partner with a nationwide hotel chain (Choice/Hyatt/Holiday Inn/Starwood etc.) to have a few NEMA 14-50 outlets at each hotel. This would be along the supercharger routes and at destination locations. The ability to overnight charge (without pitching a tent at a campground) would be a big selling point.

This would take pressure off the supercharger network since you would leave in the morning with a full charge and require less time at the superchargers. It would also benefit the partner hotel since they would be prefered by MS owners (& MS owners likely have some disposable income)

There has to be some management types at these hotel chains that are forward thinking in this regard...


Thanks for doing this. It looks like the project is in good hands, so I will not try to update this thread unless you or Schlermie request me to do it, e.g. to accommodate a new link or spreadsheet.

I didn't realize that you were updating the map by hand. Have you looked at sites that will do this automatically? There are two that I have used, one is better than the other, but I can't remember which. Both are free, as I recall. They are and Both allow you to take an existing spreadsheet and map the address fields to a Google map.

@KeninR -- I believe many of the KoAs have cabins as well as tent sites, although you still may need to bring a sleeping bag.


I just found some old spreadsheet/map projects I did using the tools I mentioned above. was better because you could click on the map pin and get all of the spreadsheet fields (phone number, etc.). Anyway, if you are really updating the map by hand, you might want to look at this.

Not all KOAs are EV friendly. I just called the Sacramento KOA to inquire about renting 3 cabins for 3 days for a group that will be carpooling in our MS and they wanted $50 a night to charge!

Wow! In addition to the price of the cabins? If so, I hope you took your business elsewhere.

Maybe we need another list of "bad charging hotels."

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