Has quality improved with cars built in February vs. December/Jan.?

I've been reading many of the posts on this forum over the last 2 months (thank you everyone for sharing your experiences both good and bad) and am wondering if we are finally starting to see fewer issues with cars that have been produced in the last month. There is no question that production is moving full steam ahead and the delivery folks can't keep up so I'm not talking about delivery delays/issues - just the car. Any and all thoughts are much appreciated. My VIN# is 7046 and the car will likely enter production next week, so I'm thinking cars with VIN# of 6000+.

My car shipped Dec. 30 and I have had no major issues.

Received mine 12/19 - had a few due bill items and just some minor QA items - details at

Picked up my S on Dec 30th. Only significant issue was the supercharger connection failed while on a trip. We had plenty of capacity left on the 85 to get home, and had public charge stations available if needed.
The service I received for this issue was awesome! First I was treated well on the phone while techs examined the data remotely.
Then at the Menlo service center, they diagnosed and got the repair done in Freemont within a day, with loaner car offered if I needed it.
I have had many cars over my 72 years, Vettes, racing Vettes, MB, Lincolns and more. I have never enjoyed both car and support like this. Thanks TM team. Love the entire experience. And so do many of my friends. At least one has a MS on order now.

@ir - I got most of the grease pen marks off with just my fingernail, though a couple I had to use a razor blade on, then a damp cloth to get the last residue off.

VIN P05627. Not a hick-up. Picked up on February 21st, and it has been perfect. No Hardware, or Software issues. No rattles, or problems of any kind.

PIcked up my car today VIN 6483 - not a single problem - only issue is that I had to reboot the 17" screen computer to get Homelink and Driver Settings Icons to appear in the status bar (guessed that workaround myself)…

even drove down to Gilroy to check out the super charger and make sure it worked on the car. Supercharger works great!

car is flawless!

I picked up my car on the 20th of February and the car has been spot on. No issues at all.

Vin 4295 delivered 2/25. No problems so far. The fit and finish exceeded my expectations after seeing early production cars.

Vin 4960, picked up on 2/21. The car is excellent. Only 2 minor things:

1. Condensation in the right rear backup light / reflector. Tesla will reinstall the foam seal under warranty.

2. Very slight pressure buffetting due to rear lift gate not tight enough, adjusted the rubber dampeners myself, problem solved.

If you get that pressure buffeting flaw, even if you take care of it yourself, you should still let Tesla know about it. Otherwise, they won't know that they have to make a tweak there during assembly.

Picked up our car on Feb 18th and have no issues. Near perfect except for a couple of little things already mentioned that Tesla will fix.

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