How much is AWD worth to you?

Just curious to see how much extra people would be willing to pay for an AWD S. I would've been willing to spend another $20k provided the range didn't decrease by >5%.

AWD value for Tesla is actually negative as it would damage its appeal as a green means of transportation.

Why would it do that?

Because in my mind as a likely customer AWD goes into the corner of huge SUVs and stupid heavy duty gas burning pickup trucks which I do not want to be even slightly associated with.

And then AWD adds weight and friction making Tesla less green per mile.


So because YOUR personal perception of AWD is skewed, that means everyone else is going to think the same way? Nonsense.

AWD adds weight, yes, and what does weight give you? More traction. People want the traction, and want to be able to drive the Model S in winter. It doesn't have everything to do with be "green." If green was the ultimate goal, then everyone would be hypermiling.

It also allows better regen, so in stop & go traffic it probably increases range, not decreases it. It allows motors to run on lower torque in normal load which too might increase range.

Entire electric drivetrain minus battery is also quite small portion of the car weight, so adding one more motor doesn't affect that much.

More range = better efficiency = more green.

Anyway effect should be quite small in either direction for BEV.


So because YOUR personal perception of AWD is skewed, that means everyone else is going to think the same way? Nonsense.


It is nonsense to think that I am the ONLY ONE who thinks this way, hence there is a slice of market who thinks like I do. I bet this slice is big enough.

@clorox & timo

Thinking that adding weight to a car can increase its weight is an invitation for public flagellation.

I mean van increase its RANGE

In case of BEV it might well be the case. Motor is very light, in Model S it weights something like 70kg. Entire drivetrain maybe 200kg. For two ton car that's 10%. Rolling resistance is maybe 1/5th of the resistance in highway speed losses, so if the motor efficiency increases about 2% you get about +- zero change in range. You can also use smaller motors for same overall power.

In slower steady speed it loses range, but again in stop & go traffic you get benefit of better regen and again you might get better range.

In any case effect to range is small while it improves handling quite a bit.

AWD is sacrilegious. God intended rear wheels to push and front wheels to brake.

I drive an AWD Escalade that gets 12-13 mpg in the winter. RWD means I continue to do that. An AWD Telsa would be used more often than a RWD one making it essentially more green.

Who said that adding weight would increase range? I said traction.

cloroxbb: Who said that adding weight would increase range? I said traction.


If you like traction that much why not buy an Abrams or, for purists, a Leopard? How many people buy a Tesla for traction??

Kind of idiotic to associate AWD with gas gosling SUV's. I own a 2012 Impressa with real time AWD and I get 40mpg highway and 33-35mpg city. My record is 46mpg going from Portland to Hood River, with strong tail winds from the Gorge of course, but still pretty impressive. Subarus are AWD and probably the most popular brand here in Portland. I can assure you if there is an adjective that would perfectly describe this city and its population it's green.

Before I get scolded by Brian... guzzling


You are a moron.

The Tesla goose pedal might be accused of electron gosling. ;)

@frmercado - I'm pretty sure Subaru doesn't make an Impressa. Did you mean Impreza? ;-)

@Brian - LOL at the God intended RWD comment. Pretty sure the WRC and any rallying fan would disagree with you on that one. If anything is sacrilege, it is FWD. Although those seem to work pretty well in snowy environments (and in rally races) too. Then again, just as with government, I think we need to keep religion out of any automotive discussions. Thanks!

@frmercado Kind of idiotic to associate AWD with gas gosling SUV's

I think that's vadiks point. People in some areas associate AWD to gas guzzling SUV:s and other not-so-green vehicles, true or not.

Tesla can of course break that illusion just like it has done with the association of BEV with golf carts.

Anyway Tesla car point is not to be green, it is to be best possible car. As in transport things around with passengers and driver enjoying the trip and convenience of owning it. And I think they are doing pretty d*mn good job at that.

I was an AWD convert and bought a lexus with it and I can tell the difference in bad weather with it or without it. The only thing I have noticed is Front wheel drive cars in the winter are terrible.

Zero, if it means that the car will be a few pounds heavier. I drive in snow max 2 weeks a year here in nyc. Would much rather have a better performing car the remaining 50 weeks.

I know they say awd cars perform better in rain. Only like to drive super fast on dry roads anyway so I can't really see the benefit.

How high would you value it if it increases your range by 5%?

Or nothing, if would intrude into the cargo space. Right now my childrens' big double stroller just about fits in the frunk, going all the way back to the bulkhead behind the front axle.

How can possibly AWD 'increase' any ranges? Or do you mean Antimatter Wormhole Drive?

Better regen (stop & go traffic, downhill), better efficiency of motors in uphill due lower torque requirement.

Somebody wake him up.

Eh? You think those are not factual things? Think again. Only question is is the small weight increase from motor more or less than those. FYI electric motor is light. Really light.

Spit your physics teacher in the face


Dont even acknowledge the guy, he is an idiot.


The guys who defend guys who say that AWD increases range are strongly idiotic.

Just google it or go to wiki or ask your mom whatever before posting patently moronic propositions.

I would spend $0. With good traction control and good tires I have always managed to get around, better than most of the 4WD drive cars I end up passing on snowy roads.

I am sure there are some people in some areas where it can make a difference but for me I do not want the weight or expense.

I managed to pass several 4WD/AWD last winter in my Roadster when we got hit with a surprising snow.

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