I pulled the trigger!

Thanks to everyone who so kindly answered all of my questions over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I reserved a red Model S (std perf) w/ pano roof, black leather w/ obeche gloss, 19" wheels, air susp, tech pkg, sound pkg, and twin chargers. Final configured price is just over $93k w/ doc fees. I am pre-approved w/ Alliant for $80,000 loan amount at 1.74%. My only regret is that I really wanted the Performance model, but that would mean another $12,000 cash outlay which I can't justify for a 1 second faster 0-60 time. I keep reminding myself that even the standard performance is going to be a monster compared to what I'm used to with my Prius Touring.

One side note that I haven't shared with anyone... On a whim and not expecting any success at all, I took a shot at sending an email to Elon Musk (I guessed logically at his email address) asking a few questions about the vehicle. I received a reply once from Steve Jobs about an old PowerMac that died, so I thought I'd go for 2 out of 2! Well, guess what? HE REPLIED! Receiving an email response from the CEO addressing my questions about the car sealed the deal for me!

I asked Mr. Musk specifically about the pano roof creaks, the AM/FM reception as well as reports that there was higher road noise inside the vehicle due to use of non-laminated glass. This is how Mr. Musk responded: "We have improved pano roof creaks, AM/FM reception and road noise quite a bit in recent months and are providing those fixes to our service team for retrofit in earlier production cars. The Model S is very quiet if the side glass is properly pressed into the seal, but can otherwise sound a bit noisy at high speed due to wind suction pulling the glass away from the seal. This is an easy fix."

Everything that I've been concerned about has been addressed, and a personal email from the CEO secured my order. So far I have had a great experience and consider myself in a circle of new friends. Thank you! :)

Cheap thrills! :D

I feel like I am 16... all over again. What happened to the last 36 years???

Hey guys and gals!

A quick update from me… MY MODEL S IS IN PRODUCTION!

I am begging the sales advisor to switch my Obeche gloss to carbon fiber, hopefully it won't be an issue now that the order is pretty much frozen but I requested it less than 24 hours after the status change. Assuming it won't be a big deal.

I couldn't resist the performance temptation, so here is the final build:

Multi coat red
Pano roof
No spoiler
19" wheels
CF decor (or Obeche gloss if it's too late to swtich)
Tech package
Studio sound
Air suspension (std on P)
Parcel shelf
Twin chargers
Black leather

The waiting begins…

And real fun as well as big grin will soon follow...

Unless you need to charge really quick after coming back from a trip empty to go out again, you won't need the HPWC. I ordered it originally, and a friend who owned a Roadster and a Model S told me I won't need it, and he is right. It is something you can get later if you really do need it. (ha, maybe a little more $ then?) since it is not part of the car production, you can always cancel that before delivery.

Thanks @ Portia, appreciate the advice. The reason I ordered the HPWC is because my electrician told me that the installation cost would be insignificantly different between a 50A or 100A service, and since I tend to have appointments all over the valley, I hedged against possibly missing an appointment or being tardy due to a charging issue. A missed or late appointment could cost me a listing, which would buy several HPWCs. But I could also be severely overthinking this by planning for a contingency that may or may not ever happen. The range of the 85 kwh is probably more than I've ever driven for appointments, but I expect this car might make me a little bit more popular. At least I can dream! :)

I appreciate your feedback and will factor it into my decision.

Finally got mine last night! Been following for about 4-5 years and decided I couldn't wait for the Model X that I was on the list for... just had to change to Model S. Got to say the drive is amazing, looks really awesome, and most importantly, my son loves it!!! :)

Can't wait until morning to head back out on the road!!!!

Some find the HPWC simply neater and more convenient (no UMC needed).

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