It's over...

So, I'm on the train heading home last night, staring out the window trying to recover from another monotonous day at my cubicle, when on the highway beside the tracks I see a oh, oh, is that a Model S? My view is momentarily blocked by a truck. "MOVE" I scream at it in my head, I need to see that car! Now craning my neck as the train pulls away, the truck slowly moves to revel a, what is it??? Oh, it’s just a Maserati. My brain goes back to counting blue cars.

A few minutes later the realization sets in... "JUST a Maserati???". What the hell? I'm no car snob, just an average joe trying to save enough pennies to buy an S, but I then realized, it’s over. It doesn't matter how rare or beautiful a combustion vehicle is, they no longer compare. Their outdated, tired and well frankly, old. The future has arrived. I can't wait to join the revolution!

This is my favorite thread ever. @stark and @info.richard, you guys are right on! We understand EACTLY how you feel! Great job putting it into words.

The origin of EST. Some pigs survive.

@brian h, you have trouble staying on topic, it seems

Oops! That was supposed to go in the "test" thread. Don't know how it got here.

No, wrong. I was responding to "Pigs get electrocuted." Sorry if my response baffles you. Ask nicely and I'll explain.

@Brian H

If I ask nicely, could you pretty please stop cluttering all threads with your useless 1-line "jokes" and spelling police work? Thank you so much.

the "jokes" are usually making pertinent points. Sod off.

@Brian - agree with Nicu. Many of your comments are useful, but there doesn't seem to be any filter. You post less-than-useful one liners to so many threads yours is often the only 'new' post and I've trained myself to skip through those threads as soon as I see that the only new post is yours.

Definitely appreciate you on the forum, but a bit of filtering would be welcome. Yours in good faith, Nick.

@brian h, actually I got your lame-o 2/8 post
My comment was toward your spelling flab, agreed Nicu

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