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Supercharger announcement pushed to next week. Something else this week.

Let the speculation begin!

I honestly have no idea what Elon is going to say...

stock split?

He will be surprising us with something that might not be that huge on its own, but still worth having as a small part of the total package. So, it's going to be someting like an extra feature which wasn't there before, but still worth having it (as an extra feature).

This is just a guess, but we love doing that when we hear that there is going to be an announcement this week. Am I right?

Now I know. Battery Swapping on Model S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup. Saw an article on Christian Science Monitor connecting the dots:

I personally do not like the idea, although taxi, police departments, and limo companies might enjoy it. It could also be a means of extending the "side-trip" capability of a Tesla by strategically placing these swap stations in areas within reach of off-the-beaten path destinations.

I hope they do it well, as they have done everything else thus far.

Hmmmm, "Christian Science"....isn't that a contradiction in terms?

No battery swap. Can't make a good business model out of it.

Maybe the conversation mentioned in the article is in reference to the MS NASCAR vehicle. Have heard battery swap will be done during pit stops.

@Winnie796 - Yeah, I just read anything about Tesla. Have no idea why they are named that. Although I think "New York Times journalist" is more contradictory.

Back to the topic. I really hope it is not battery swap. That could be perceived as a signal that Tesla has done everything it is going to do as far as battery technology for a while.

A poster named Dave has taken his Model S apart and says it's very difficult to separate the battery pack from the rest of the car. Perhaps the swap is of the battery pack - plus the parts of the car attached to the pack... which would be... the whole car!

Perhaps some of those loaner cars for service can be used as loaners for people on long trips. You leave your car there and it gets charged while you are on your trip in a loaner with a full pack.

Hey, it's just an idea...

I really hope the new announcement this week is a follow on offering of 10m shares at 75+.

750m in funds for genIII, sc network, service, etc. will be monstrous. And you thought this soft squeeze was amazing, wait until this hits the coffers...

You know the NASCAR thing was an April fools joke right?

So is a battery swap!

They raise big money, pay off the doe loan this year. Wow, this could get really interesting soon.

From another thread, could any of the many things mentioned here:

Someone tweeted a snide comment about the doe loan a few days ago and elon replied "stay tune."

Maybe this is a hint for this weeks anouncent being offering related.

What would takin the loan off the plate do for the bottom line? Perfect opportunity right now to make it happen. Investors are seeing the potentials, willing to take a little dillution now to increase probablily of the mid to long term targets.

LTE maybe?

My guess that it will be about the ceremony of delivering the 10,000th Model S to a happy owner.

There could be also an announcement about exercising the TSLA stock options granted to Elon Musk back in 2009. The last of the four milestones was conditioned on the completion of the 10,000th Model S. The exercise price was $6.63, and a total quantity of shares was 6,711,972. So there is a potential of additional $44.5M (or at least 1/4 of that) to be invested by EM in Tesla. Incidentally, these options expire in 2013.

That could also explain EM tweet regarding the DOE loan - "stay tuned"

I pick up my car this Saturday. If the stock keeps going up my car will be free. A stock split would be nice

10k cars delivered would be my guess.

How about a SDK for apps?

Not going to be a stock split! There is no reason to split the stock at all. Secondary - maybe (a good call) especially for DOE repayment or Model X/Gen III development/production. Battery swap- highly doubt it - no need to swap a battery that can be charged in 30 min.

Global Hotel chain charging station partnership would be very good.

10k cars delivered- good guess- maybe. Especially with announcement of 25-30k reservations taken.

Supercharger build out update would be good.

Supercharger was moved to next week. I think Elon wants to make a big splash and is waiting for some projects to finish.

There was an interesting article describing the likely 4th and 5th parts of his five part trilogy. Part four is expected to be a significant increase in the number of installed chargers with a possible upgrade of existing ones. The 5th announcement was speculated to be battery swap technology with an entirely new type of battery (air-metal, I believe it was called). This was apparently specifically mentioned in a Tesla document, so not far-fetched. Though this last part is not likely to be coming all that soon. All speculation, of course.

What if Elon lets those that bought one of the first 10,000 cars each buy up to 670 of the shares of his stock option for less than $10.00 a share?

akikiki - cool idea. Even at $30 I would buy and with the restriction not to sell for a minimum of a year. That would be a nice reward for the folks that had faith in the company early.

Besides an ESSP create an OSSP...

sorry - ESPP and OSPP

Personally I would hope that if Elon wants to do something generous with his own money he would do something much more philanthropic than giving it away to a bunch of people who can afford a $100k car. Just sayin'.

I agree with others about a secondary. Now would be a very smart time to raise $1B and could possibly even help accelerate Model X and Gen III to market.

jk2014: "I really hope the new announcement this week is a follow on offering of 10m shares at 75+."

As a stockholder I would not be happy seeing my stock watered down to pay of a low interest loan. I simply do not see the business value in that. So please don't implant ideas in Elon's head ;)

And if it would be to get rid of the 'tax dollars for rich boy's toys' argument, the haters will stay the haters and simply switch to something else. They should be ignored.

@one2mark "Global Hotel chain charging station partnership would be very good."

I would think that it would be more likely to partner with WalMart to roll out charging stations. WalMart has been very active in increasing the sustainability of their stores which would align with Tesla. Also, given the fact that WalMart are spread throughout rural and metro areas as well as the fact that they act as a hub for other food and shopping estabilishments, I would think that these would be prime locations for supercharging stations.

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