Law would stop Tesla electric car sales in NC

I have a feeling it won't last long even if they get it passed.
Tesla is a blasting ahead, and will not be held back much by these kind of Dealership shenanigans, public interest and demand will soon see to that. Dealers are really only hurting themselves long-term, by standing in front of this train!

NC trying desperately to achieve the anatomically impossible feat of inserting their head all the way up their (fill in the blank with your favorite word).

I can understand Texas. They are hard headed to a fault so I cut them some slack. They will eventually get it sorted. NC, on the other hand, is actually smarter than this legislation (Jon Stewart's comments notwithstanding) and yet they are actually trying to create legislation to go the wrong direction.

Come on NC, get a grip.

Unenforceable even if it passes. You can buy anything on line and have it shipped to your house as long as it is not illegal to possess in the state. Congress has the exclusive power to regulate interstate commerce.


Too true. It would be very easy to get legislation to allow sales but the NADA could also get legislation to help themselves.

My guess is we get a compromise with a death lock for FORD, GM Toyota etc and dealers. No direct sales even over the internet and anyone that never had a dealer sells direct.

Unions and NADA decimated.

Tesla builds a better mousetrap.

“We care about the franchise system,” said Robert Glaser, president of the N.C. Automobile Dealers Association. “The whole point of the retail system is to protect the consumer.”

Raise your hand if you felt "protected" by any Auto dealer.


Ya, completely pointless and will gain them nothing.

I live in TX and the process of buying and getting my MS was completely painless, despite the fact that Tesla can't do direct sales in TX.

"The sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Tom Apodaca, a Republican from Henderson..."

Sorry but I have to say it... It's a dump ass republican (not a real republican) sponsoring the bill. Now I know there are real republicans here. How can a republican politicians claim they are pro-business and government should stay out of the way when they support this kind of crap.


I like to dump on the commie bootlicker party, er ah Democrats, but truth be told there a quite a number of dim bulbs in the Republican Party these days. I miss Ronald Reagan... We need real leadership, like Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt (not that socialist FDR) and the greatest of them all Lincoln.

FLsportscarenth... lol! Never thought I would see Ronald Reagan, Ike, TR and Lincoln in two adjacent sentences.

So my question is can/are we doing anything to stop this "head in the €£><€ ) " non republican Neanderthal puppet of Leith and Hendricks from screwing us consumers and preventing probably the greatest and most transformative innovation in automotive history since the T to be sold in NC ?

one of the reasons why I left NC and moved to Cali.

If Tesla would start buying politicians like NADA does, this whole issue would go away.


Not a good idea. Once you buy them, you have to feed them. And clean their cages.

Forward thinking people in NC will eventually prevail. They even ratified the US constitution a mere 8 months after it took effect.

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