Letter to the governor of NJ. (Christie)

I got an email from tesla today that there's some legislative hurdles for tesla in NJ.

Join us at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
on Tuesday, March 11th at 2pm to show your support for Tesla in New Jersey.

Dear Tesla Advocates,

Tesla is under attack in New Jersey! Yesterday we received news that Governor Christie’s administration has gone back on its word to delay a proposed anti-Tesla regulation so that the matter can be handled in the legislature. Rather than stick up for New Jersey consumers, the Administration and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission are thwarting the legislature at the behest of a special interest group looking to protect its monopoly at the expense of New Jersey consumers. Instead, the Administration has decided to expedite Rule Proposal PRN 2013-138 that would curtail Tesla’s sales operations and jeopardize our existing retail licenses in the state. Tesla could be forced to shutter all operations in the state as early as this afternoon!
You can show your support by contacting the Governor or your local State Legislator, and let them know that you want Tesla to stay and grow in New Jersey!
Other ways to show support:
Please join us and other Tesla Advocates at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s meeting to help defeat this regulation.
What: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Meeting
When: Tuesday, March 11th at 2pm
Where: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
225 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608
Spread the word, and thank you for your immediate action!
Tesla Motors | 3500 Deer Creek Road | Palo Alto, CA 94304
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Here's what I quickly wrote to the governor's office.

Dear Mr. Christie
Tesla is an American company and has done everything right in thinking out of the box in changing an automobile experience.
Whether it's transparency, an honest buying experience, a better driving and ownership experience and being environmentally responsible.
I'm not sure why the state isn't embracing the company and all that it stands for.
As an owner of two electric cars, one from tesla, the other from Nissan, I have a unique experience of ownership.
I haven't had a better purchase experience. In today's age, in my opinion, car dealers aren't needed. Users can configure their cars online and go through all options. The only thing we need dealers for, is to service a car.
It will save the public tons of money by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and enable them to spend money elsewhere. In a more meaningful place.
Please don't let anyone out hurdles for tesla. We are going through and evolution. With changing times and changing technologies, we should embrace the future.


My letter: Governor Christie (and NADA friends), Thank you for all the free publicity you just gave Tesla. TM will continue to not have to spend a dime on advertising if Texas, Arizona and now New Jersey politicians and their auto dealership friends continue to try to block an innovative and 'green' American company from selling the Consumer Reports highest scoring car ever in your state(s).
Since TM is currently supply constrained we will turn our attention to helping the US with it's trade deficit and sell our cars abroad instead of shipping our jobs there.
Please keep up the fight for at least another year or so, invite some other friends in other states to join in. This will undeniably result in rising demand for our cars in your state and prompt the federal government/courts to take up our cause (and pay for it) while we get our Gigafactory built so we can meet all this pent up demand.
Please accept our condolences for all the letters you receive from your less than happy constituents who will be forced to circumvent your archaic laws/rules and obtain a car in another state or who will be subject to continue the 'wonderful' experience of sitting in a dealership showroom. At least the will get a free cup of three day old coffee for their trouble.

Sincerely, A former supporter who votes in every election

Friends, what is logic and arguement against Tesla? I want to understand what these politicians are saying.
Cheers, Amit

The argument is that Tesla is taking money away from political supporters and NJ politicians who have financial interests in car dealerships. Looking at history, someone could argue that nearly every regulatory law that is passed is to financially benefit a serving politician, party boss, family, or supporter. NJ is known as the most corrupt political states in the country. No one is immune. 5-7 years ago, it looked like Christie was different, prosecuting a lot of crooked politicians as the US Attorney. Maybe he isn't so different after all. If Bob Ingle or Sandy McClure writes about it in the newspapers, they would be able to shed light on what is really going on. Of course, to be thorough, their article, if any, may not go to press for a few days/weeks. The Soprano State - it fits.

I am disappointed in Christie. I voted him in, but if he moves forward on this, he will lose our votes going forward.
Christie's decision to thwart Elon's innovation on two fronts, engineering and sales model, is appalling.
He's clearly been bought by the Dealer's Association and/or Big Oil.
Maybe he deserves a role in "House of Cards"?

So exactly how many Teslas have been sold in New Jersey in 2013 until now that have the auto dealers up in arms? Couple hundred?

Not surprised that Christie voted against the free market and progress. The power of special interests and campaign funding runs rampant in this country. Not a Presidential decision to limit free enterprise and jobs in my opinion. (&!3:/ disgusting!!

500 Teslas sold per CNBC.

Boy, we could sure use a reply from the White House on that 100,000+ signature petition right about now!

Musk needs to make the talk show rounds and hold a press conference at one of his stores in New Jersey surrounded by hundreds of Tesla supporters. He should directly confront Christie and the vehicle commission over this issue, and announce during that press conference that Tesla is suing the state and is prepared to go all the way to the federal courts in order to get a judgment in his favor. He should label Christie as anti free enterprise, and especially against American success stories.

If some form of the above happens, Christie's presidential aspirations would be toast. I would thank Musk for saving our country from suffering through another useless presidential candidate.

@par3duke: I believe ZEV's in NJ are exempt from state sales and usage tax.

@wmg: 500 Teslas sold vs. 490,000 cars total (I presume for last year).

@Phillip; what is odd is that you can buy an American car in China more freely than you can in certain American states.

My letter to Governor Christie (submitted via

Dear Governor Christie:

I'm writing to voice my opinion regarding the decision to ban direct sales of Tesla vehicles in your state. With all due respect, I believe you are making a huge mistake with your opposition to Tesla Motors.

Nobody who believes in free markets could support this type of restriction any more than they could support a ban of, for example, Apple selling iPhones directly to the consumer.

I urge you to support free enterprise by finding a way to permit Tesla Motors to do business in New Jersey. I assure you that in the long term America, New Jersey and you will benefit.

Please do the right thing and let your own words be your guide: “We need to talk about the fact that we’re for a free-market society that allows your effort and your ingenuity to determine your success, not the cold, hard hand of government determining winners and losers.”

Best regards,

It may not be that big of deal. We have the same situation here in Arizona, where the franchised ICE dealers have successfully blocked Tesla from selling directly here in state. But they still have company-owned stores here where the car can be test driven [by appointment, which must be made on-line as well], is on display, and highly trained and knowledgeable staff answer questions. They are just not allowed to talk about sales, prices, or financing. So you just buy the car online, like a Mac computer, checking the options you want. The car is delivered to you at a local Tesla service Center. The whole process is actually much more pleasant than dealing with a dealership.

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