License plate frame

We are picking up our car Saturday. Just curious, is there a frame that comes with the car?

Yes. It is chrome plated and has TESLA across the bottom. It looks good,but the screws are hard to line up and tighten.

Mine didn't come with any. I called service and went back and picked a couple up the next week when I realized it.

Yes, the frame should come with car. I did not get it when I picked up my MS because they said they run out stock. One week later, I went back and they gave me one

Mine came with back plate framed, I asked service center to do front plate as well, chrome looks nice.

Shiny! |8-0

I didn't get one! I had to order one online from a secondary seller. Found a nice one that says Tesla. Oh well... If that's my biggest complaint, and it is so far, I'm pretty lucky. Love my Tesla with or without a license plate frame.

@vincent1001 Nice to hear that. I picked up my Model S today and was told they were all out of frames. And here in Illinois I need front and back. So I am hoping that my service center will give me two when they get more.

Email Tesla from your account and a customer experience advocate can mail the frames to you. I just did and they just sent them - nice addition!

I didn't get a frame but that's fine with me. Purchased an aftermarket frame that says "100% pure EV" I like it.

Is there a Tesla license plate frame that won't scratch the paint from vibration?

My chrome Tesla plate frame came with the car. It has good clearance from the paint. No scratch worries.

Thanks Nick. I just got my P85 in SW Harbor ME today. Beautiful, but no LP frame, and the one I used with my traded-in MB SL500 would scratch the paint on the Tesla.

Bizarrely after 6 months use no one had spotted the license plate from was missing from my Model S delivery checklist

Just updated.

@ nickjhowe
Heh. That is pretty funny. We predated your checklist thread by just a bit, but a really useful thing for new owners.

I decided that my Yosemite themed plate looked better bare, both the chrome and the black PVC? mounts are sitting in the garage. CA front plate is in the frunk, on hopes that if I get pulled over I'll get some TeslaTime. ;-)

@nickjhowe - Ya know, i printed out the checklist to bring with me to my delivery (months ago) with the best of intentions. But once I got there and actually saw my car it all went out the window as I forgot all about it! :-p

@GeekEV - that's why right at the top of the document is says "bring a friend, you'll be too busy"! ;-)

That and "remember to breathe"...

Getting my car serviced today (tire rotation and pano roof creak fix), the center says they'll give me the LP frame.

OK, so how many people here get annoyed by the fact that, in CA anyway, 99% of license plate frames (including Teslas!) actually contact the plate lettering and cut off the very bottom? That makes it damn hard to tell if something's an F or an E, and I or a T, etc., not to mention I find is aesthetically displeasing. If you've got OCD you know what I'm talking about!

I have a solution for you... Get a pair of heavy duty wire cutters (tin snips would probably work too) from your local hardware store. Cut off the top ridge of the plate down to where in bends outwards to the plate proper. There's enough slack in the holes on the plate and the frame that you can then slide the plate up and the frame down and get about 2mm of clear between the letters and the frame. This probably isn't technically legal (defacing gov't property, or some such) but since it's all behind the frame anyway nobody will ever know.



Agree with this, and also found the overlap causes the blue paint of the lettering to rub off at bottom of numbers. Apparently older CA plates (the ones without the ugly DMV web site at bottom) have the plate numbers a few mm higher and this is avoided, but doesn't help for new Tesla plates. In lieu of modifying plates or frame, I elected to put the Tesla frame on another car with the old style plates...this also helps spread the word since "TESLA" is already printed above on the Model S. Also the MS has 4 holes for the plate, so this lets you use a different style frame and really tie down the plate to prevent it from vibrating on spirited drives.


I recommend putting the Tesla-supplied "teslamotors" plastic blank plate behind your actual plate to prevent scratching. Even if the frame clears the paint, the recessed edge of the plate will scratch. Also (see above) use a frame with 4 hole mounting rather than 2.


Where can I get the the "TeslaMotors" plastic blank plate? Do you have any links? I had something like that as a backplate that came with my 2005 MB 500 SL. Thanks.

Mine didn't come with one. Bought a custom one online that reads:
"Powered by Ohm's law"
Yeah, I noticed it rubbed and vibrated against the trunk. Took some small tubing and cut it lengthwise so it would wrap the edge of the plate frame that rested against the car.

Is the "chrome license plate frame" to which you guys are referring actually metal? I went back to the service center yesterday to pick one up, but it's disappointingly cheap plastic. It does look like this one, but it's made of really lightweight plastic.

Yes it does but what I recall it didn't fit so well so I put it on my ICE SUV instead. :)

Sorry - is that "yes, it's nice metal" or "yes, it's cheap plastic"?

nickjhowe-- just a quick thank you for all the hard work on the checklist. It was very useful.

Thx @rtb

Yes it's plastic.

My wife and I love to do road trips and look forward to doing NH to AZ in the future. We often record states from the license plates we see in an iPhone app, just as we did as kids, goofy, but fun. We have observed that many plate frames obstruct the state. How can this be legal? Nevertheless, it is increasingly common. I installed the Tesla plate frames we received when I picked up my MS 2 weeks ago. They block the state, also. While I am not in favor of this, I think the MS is designed with understated branding badges ( hooray), and the frames help folks identify the car as a Tesla.

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