Model S 45 min. Fastcharge

Now that Tesla has broken news that each add'l 70 mile range increase over base will cost $10K, I know I'm wondering where that leaves those of us who will periodically want to take our EVs for longer trips. I would hope to someday drive mine from NJ to Charlotte, N.C. - a distance of about 600 miles. I think a big factor in whether I'd get 160, 230 or 300 would be the availability of locations where this "Fastcharge" would be available. Does anyone know if there are plans for Fastcharge to become available at the usual interstate fuel and food stops? Is 45 min. recharge time for a 160 battery pack or for any of the three? Does BetterPlace plan to put these type of Fastcharge hardware at Interstate fuel stations? If you could reserve a charging spot in advance (from the 17 " info screen of course!) and recharge in 40 min. while having coffee or a meal, the 230 pack might do the job.

Oops, too much traffic in this thread. My smiley was directed to TC and his comment about drinking and driving.

@hyjyljyj - Nobody is telling anybody what they need. Nobody is taking away your individual freedom of choice. It is still a free market. You do have the freedom of choice NOT to buy a Model S.

Tiebreaker, I bit my tongue not to put it this way... Now it hurts, for nothing! ;-)

Volker, I know - you are way too nice to do it. I bit my tongue not to say anything more. :-P

Troll. He is replying anonymously (hyjyljyj? come on...) to an ancient post to which no reasonable person would take offense.

Ignore him and he'll go away.

Trolls don't post meaningful and thoughtful on-topic content devoid of personal attacks, profanity or provocation

"Self-important elitist pomposity to the extreme. Name-dropping his cars"

Oops, thought this was a LUXURY CAR site. In that context, I apologize for my error, mentioning the name Mitsubishi >:^D) Besides, how much of an elitist, really, can a person be who freely admits owning a seven-year old Nissan product and a compact station wagon instead of their previous Benzes? Arguably,...not much. I tell everyone who asks, the Infiniti is preferable in a number of ways, a lot more fun to drive, and as a bonus, at stoplights you don't get the small-minded class warriors glaring disdainfully as if you are some kind of elitist just for driving a decent, well-built used car.

IMHO it does no disservice to Tesla or readers of the forum for it to be known that drivers of better known high-end brands consider the Tesla to be in that discussion. Moreover I would agree that anyone thinking they look important for typing words like Mercedes in a luxury-car forum--a group of strangers on the web whom they'll never meet, much less get validation from--would be a person so shallow we wouldn't expect anyone to want to associate with them. So I certainly regret giving that impression, I didn't mean to.

I "don't deserve anything"? And you occupy the elevated position of being charged with making that, exactly? Sounds pretty judgmental to me--at least as harsh as anything I posted about wanting to improve performance in a car.

"Pleasant" vs. "Racing through life"....thanks to Herr Volker for pointing out the purely subjective nature of that assessment. As long as one can admit it's OK that their idea of what's "pleasant" may legitimately differ from someone else's, then we're in good shape. This or that person may want me to move more slowly and live life at their pace; someone else may want them to speed up, get with it, hustle a little and make stuff happen, solidify their family's financial future, etc. Maybe I am already relaxing at other times, and maybe they are already on the ball. Maybe they never even had to work for money so they don't understand the need to not waste time. I find moving quickly pleasant, as does presumably everyone else here on the Tesla electric car site. (With maximum torque delivered right at takeoff, electric cars are quick!) The point is, we're all living our life in whatever way we find appropriate, and hopefully "pleasant"; and if a car is slowing us down in ways that don't suit us (as the people are saying who won't buy a Tesla no matter how great it looks until this is fixed), then being slowed down wasn't what we wanted in a car. That's what this whole thread is about. So the mfgr better fix that problem, or risk low sales volume--maybe even risk their entire company.

Oil and gas are so plentiful that we would not "need" electric cars for centuries. If we're not going to drill for it, yet want to "free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil"...if we're going to be the visionary early adopters...we need to at least have a product that exceeds what we now have, and we don't yet. Read other forums--all kinds of people from all over the world are clamoring for quicker recharging and longer ranges for electric cars before they'll consider one. So with "current technology it can't be done." Correct and valid, but that's been true of everything ever invented--until someone found a way around it. Then, that became the current technology. And that new tech is what people who could afford Teslas but are NOT buying Teslas purely because of the poor driving range and ridiculous recharging times are waiting for--and buying competitors' cars in the meantime.

P.S. Danke schön Herr Volker, aber I type the same way I live and travel...too fast for some volks




I agree 100%! I choose the Model S, because it saves me hundreds of hours of having to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and long gas lines where I live :-)

"Nobody is telling anybody what they need. Nobody is taking away your individual freedom of choice. It is still a free market. You do have the freedom of choice NOT to buy a Model S."

Thanks tiebreaker. (Probably not his real name, Mrs. P.) Except for the first sentence--because Ramon's point was indeed that no one "needs" faster recharging time than an hour--your post is reasonable, succinct, respectful and right on the money...which will in fact NOT be spent on a Model S until they fix the issue.

P.S. Danke schön Herr Volker, aber I type the same way I live and travel...too fast for some volks (hyjyljyj)

You're always welcome. As long as your thinking doesn't lag behind your typing -- we're in good shape! :-)


It's fixed about as fer as it kin go, for the moment. As for 'deserve',

Eastwood/William Munney:
"Deserve's got nothing to do with it." BLAM.



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