Model S big brother flies tomorrow

Falcon 9 important flight from Florida at 5:30 PM Monday. This one goes 1/4 of the way to the moon.

Any Tesla fire-related silliness, etc., needs to be tempered with what the company and it's other "branches" are doing to further the fortune of humanity. This is history in the making, and may the wind always be at their backs!

Yes. We need Elon to do well in all his endeavors. I am going to watch the launch.

Where can I find this at? I looked on Spacex site and find no mention of it.

Good to know. Please post a link, if you have it, so we can just click over.

Looks like it's here:

This is the best link for launches world-wide including Space-X:

Re: Spaceflight now link, as a launch approaches, there is a "Mission Status Centre" clickable link that appears, and this will bring you to a page with the latest updates, and then live coverage as it becomes available. On the left side of the page is the Falcon 9 Mission Badge, and clickable information tags such as "Mission Press Kit", etc.
This is about as leading edge as it gets!

Thanks for the links, all.

Actually, all that's necessary is this:

5:30 eastern?

Are they continuing to use the new platform that return the first stage back to earth?

this flight will be without attepmt to return first stage.

actually, first stage will fall (return) by itself :D
but it will be destroyed in process.

Launch aborted. Try again on Thursday. No turkey for some folks!

Hold! Hold! Hold?

Launch delayed till Thursday - some issue at T-3:40.

There were about 3 holds, and they overshot their 66 minute window.

Darn, now my S is saying "Abort, abort" They need to separate software development teams ;-)

Bumped to Tgiving in part due to commercial air traffic and the need to keep skies clear around launch & downrange area.

Is the launch at 2PM PST today?

Falcon 9 scheduled for 2:39PM PST.. Get ready.

Launch aborted. May retry later this afternoon.

$200,000,000.00 on the launch-pad, and a million things that could go wrong at any second.
This is truly a business for a man with grit.

Taking vocab from Spacex page .. "Happy Spacegiving!"

Cancelled for today.

Any word on a new launch date an time??

Several days--vehicle has been taken off the pad to lay on its side. They plan to borescope the engines.

It was interesting watching it live. Countdown got all the way down to zero, engines ignited, and then shut off. Apparently the on board computer determined that there wasn't enough thrust.

Yeah, went to T+0:00:02. The second time, made it to T=0:00:18.


Typo: The second time, made it to T=-0:00:18.

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