Model S/Motor Trend COTY shout-out on the NBC Evening News tonight

It was short and sweet, but Brian Williams gushed and wasn't snarky at all :)

Local channel 2 news in San Jose at 6PM made the announcement of MT Car of the Year
Announced as Tesla, but titled in print:Telsa! Oh well.
They made the point of how great the car is with a brief ride in one. And they pointed to the benefits of Tesla and it's suppliers to Silicon Valley and the future of the car industry.
Yes, I was giggling with joy! Betting that many new orders show up as a result! We shall see. Made my evening for sure.

ABC 7 news (local to SF Bay Area) had a mention of the MT COTY and Model S on 11pm news last night.
Also, KCBS (all news radio for Bay Area) has been airing a short new segment all day today about the honor.

Onwerd! Telsa! Teh Fucher is you're's!



CNN mentioned it at least three times today.

Brian H

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