New Firmware V 4.3

Just installed V4.3 with two new features:

- you can now set the time to start charging (Yea!)
- climate control adjusted to be a bit warmer on all settings

Thanks, Tesla!

I'm sure they will continue to improve the feature, but any scheduled charging is better than none at all, right?

agree - scheduled charging is better than nothing - but we need to hold tesla to high standards for our own satisfaction and their on-going success.

Agree, best of breed means hardware AND software. That said, I'd rather have the basic functionality provided early with future enhancements, rather than waiting three more months for a fully featured update.

Also, you appreciate the improvements more if they come out one spoonful at a time. >:)

thanks for the clarification too, 3G sucks in my area.

Why make things more complicated than they need to be?

Let's take PG&E in California as an example:
PG&E off peak summer:
M-F after 9:00pm - 10:00am
Weekedns after 8:00pm - 10:00am

M-F 8:00pm - 5:00pm
Weekends & holidays.

Overlap the off peak times and you discover that they overlap from 9:00pm to 10:00am all year. On a NEMA 14-50 outlet you can easily get a full 300 mile charge within that window.

So until PG&E redefines off peak a 9:30pm start works every day of the year.

Nice and simple.

Beaker, +1!

just set for 9:30 PM and forget it. Except for someone who will say "but I want to set it to be ready when I want it ready because my Volt could do that."

With all the premutations of things people would likeeee to have for their one unique sitation, we could have TM chasing its tail for years. Give them a break.

To put this in perspective - how many software updates does Apple issue per year for the iPhone? Two or three, until it orphans them after a few years. Apple sells more iPhones EVERY DAY (about 250,000) than Tesla will sell vehicles in at least FIVE YEARS (assuming ramp-up, Apple actually sells more iphones every day than TM will sell cars in more than 10 years at the current production pace).

So Apple has a team of software developers putting out great products and updates for hundreds of millions of end users and amortizing/allocating their costs accordingly (Apple is currently selling over 25 million iPhone units alone per quarter). Yet we expect TM to keep our systems as technlogically up to date as Apple does, with fewer than 100,000 vehicles being delivered over the next few years, by TM's own estimate. I am not saying we shouldn't expect that, but the scale of work being done for so few beneficiaries is unprecedented in mass-production software development, except for bespoke control systems for things like manufacturing, power plants and airplanes, where the software can cost millions per installation.

I am amazed at what TM has been able to do with its software interface and control systems, for so little. A skeptic software engineer friend who drove my car said "what you have here is a million dollar product for a fraction of the value."

Short of supercar manufacturers with vehicles priced over $200K, every car major manufacturer can amortize its software costs across multiple platforms and models, with the lowest volume real car companies selling at least 100,000 cars per year (Porsche will sell 140,000 cars this year and shares technology with VW, adnd Jaguar/LandRover will sell over 300,000 cars), many times the volume that TM will achieve this year.

Uploading it now!

Yes, the TM HPWC has a light that stays on, if you goto a TOU plan the connector burns electricity all day lon.

I can see the argument of having a finish charging just before hh:mm, for those in cold climates.

I'm sure one of us programmers can crate an app to handle this case fairly easily though.

4.3 installed at 9am today with no issues at all to report.

still no update here :(

Just updated this morning. I came to the car with and it stated a 309 ideal range. Even though I know it's the same charge, seeing the range "over" 300 just gave me a warm fuzzy. That was until I realized that the update had set the charging to "max range" mode.

The only other side-effect I could see was that it turned on the radio to the Slacker Justin Bieber station that my daughter had turned on the night before - I couldn't hit stop fast enough...


I wonder if Justin and Henrik are still BFF's?

Beaker P_D +1

The SW pace reminds me of the earlier days of Android phones. The overall feature set and robustness was not quite up to the other mobile operating systems available but the pace of updates simply ran away with the innovation as if other platforms were standing still.

In this case you have a large, expensive mobile computer that is committed to constant improvement. This is many many times more valuable than the day 1 feature set in my opinion. When you spend this much on a car it is nice to know that you are in for major enhancements during its lifetime rather than the usual feeling of falling further behind each day, starting with the day you drive off the lot.

I think it is short sighted to hyper-focus on today's feature set against other solutions that are not being enhanced at this pace.

Has anyone with a higher vin (4,000+) received the upgrade yet? I'm curious if there is a pattern to the software rollouts.

FYI... Finished uploading, and noticed that my doors would no longer detract and lock after exiting / walking away, or pushing the fob.

Called Tesla Customer Service, and they said to do a full reboot, which solved the problem ASAP.

I saw a later TikiMan post, and the fix was only temporary. I would wait before upgrading if I saw the upgrade message.

I have the HPWC and that light is an LED and i watched my TOU meter and it doesn't even register movement when only the light is on.

24 hours after pick up, I took a short trip in my 60kwh, roughly 80 miles from home. I arrived with 80 miles of range left (didnt go directly there) and plugged into the Chargepoint level 1 (not sure why they go to the trouble to install a charging station and don't go level 2?!). 4 hours later, range still shows 80 miles despite my Tesla and Chargepoint app showing 12 amps flowing. I have 2 days here but still feeling the anxiety. Calls to Chargepoint and Tesla lead to weather as the culprit. I didnt think 40 degrees counted for the cold weather issues. Anyway, Tesla's answer was to push 4.3 to me. End result, range steadily increasing at about 3mi/hr. i gather that I was indeed charging before and the display was simply off, but I was definitely feeling the anxiety. I didn't want to be nominated for a Broder award by departing with insufficient range showing and a hope it would magically improve. So, while most of the comments on 4.3 focus on timed charging, the improvement in cold weather applications is indeed important and appears to be working.

From what I can gather, it always was charging, it is just that the range calculation was reading low due to the current temperature. I always thought their algorithms were wrong since the car generates its own heat when driving (excess heat from the motor is used to warm the battery and the battery itself generates some heat when driving). Nice to see they finally took into account that the car will actually be driving when it is, you know, being driven :-)

Shop - you are correct. I should add that once the download was complete, my range "jumped" 16 miles. In other words, it suddenly showed the results of the charging that had occured.

I just found the prompt to update this am Vin# 3983.

Those of us in North America are almost into spring. We have a few seasons ahead of us before we have to confront winter charging times, which should allow Tesla some time to work on end-charging times. From what I understand, it isn't such a concern when the ambient outdoor temperature is reasonable for regen, etc.

Got my notice today that 4.3 is ready for installation tonight. My VIN is 57XX.

Still nothing, I'm VIN 45XX

nothing yet. VIN 3798

still waiting VIN 3998

Got mine his AM. VIN 3802

Updated this morning... vin 6706

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