new short interest numbers are out for tesla - 31,648,868 shares

up 1.3 mil from the previous period... think when the NHSTA report comes out and it is positive, we will have a crazy short squeeze of epic proportions! if it s negative, think we will have a huge pillow of shorts to fall on...

need to add the highest short interest level was back in 3/15/2013
32,316,654 shares short, when it was trading around $36.

interesting to see what will happen in the next few months!

Another Tsunami hurt for the shorts is coming.

Time to raise some money for the Giga Plant :)

Tesla had a little pullback today, and I picked up another hundred shares.

Man, DJ Realtime News just sent out 7 bulletins in the last 4 minutes about charging outlet heating, over the air fix, adapter fix, etc. Seems to be a hot topic. But I don't think it's my outlet that's smelling like smoke. More like shorts.

And I love the smell of burning shorts in the morning...


Let's make those Short Callers suffer for good!

eddie has it right. If the shorts get squeezed it is a nice ride up. If longs get squeezed the shorts will keep the price from dropping too low too fast. It will be an interesting next 4-5 weeks between the Detroit Auto Show, The NHTSB results, Q4ER and the guidance call that follows. Good luck (Longs)

Just like the S itself-- strap in and enjoy the ride!

think this is the first small squeeze today!

10% is a small squeeze...

What percentage makes it a short squeeze?

Hey shorties, get a tub of Vaseline...

While I am happy about the news, does this thread not belong in the Tesla "General" forum ?

Shorts will be burned like moth darting into the fire. Almost 32M shares short TSLA as of the end of 2013 when the share float only 84M shares. Wow, we are going to see not popcorn but volcano eruption.

Good day today.

I bought on the dip last night, at 139.

[ Insert :) here! ]

I bought more last night at 139 as well ;). Thanks (in advance) to all the shorts for buying my Model X!

TheAustin: how's it going? going to take a ride out to your neck of the woods as soon as the weather gets a little better.


"Thanks (in advance) to all the shorts for buying my Model X!"

That's awesome. Good for you and enjoy. :-)

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