New Software Version?

Took delivery yesterday at the factory and was told that they are starting to roll out a new software version. Said it should DL in next few days. Anyone else aware of this?


That's it. Let me know if you have other questions.

Strange... I waited two years to finally get it, and now I get to be excited all over again with anticipation every few weeks. It's the car that keeps giving! :-)

Anyone able to re-post that PDF? I missed it :(

"Drive to"?


Is that .....a police officer ahead?


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

I'm waiting for the iPod update. I'm an audio book fanatic, and it's going to kill me that I won't be able to listen to them in my $85K, while I can in my $25K Prius (using the headphone jack on the iPod to an audio in jack on the car).

Our iPhone works well using the Bluetooth connection. However, with the listed USB browsing I would not be surprised to see it working that way.
This would be better than the simple Bluetooth connection and from what I have heard, is much better than the simple headphone jack.

Once the update is complete you will see the Release Notes explaining all the new features. I did not get a PDF of the new features instead they are shown on the car. Love the door handles and the voice commands work flawlessly.

Great job Tesla!

@kent - can you post screen shots or something of the release notes? I've seen the list of changes but some of them are impossible to figure out (e.g., 'alarm' in settings; synchronized door handles)

Here's the story of my first Tesla Model S patch.

I just took delivery of my Model S a couple days ago, and I was *delighted* to see a new update come out. Of course I started installing immediately. But as a new owner, I didn't know what to expect. I read everything on the console about the patch before hand - had plenty of charge, and was ready to go. I expected something like updating my PC, but it was far different.

It immediately showed a screen which said it was updating. That was fine. But in a few seconds there were some strange clicks and clunks from all over the car, and suddenly the dashboard was showing empty mileage, reset dates, etc.

But the dash also read "Car off".

And under that (right in the center of the driver console above the steering wheel) was a box with a yellow caution icon and text which read, "Car needs service. Contact Tesla Service". This was not good. My brand new car was now bricked.

Looking around the car, I listened to the strange clicks that were happening. Suddenly the lights went on by themselves. The charge port was locked. There was no way to stop this. My heart raced.

It was about 11pm, so there was no way to contact Tesla.

Resigned that there was nothing I could do inside the car, I looked around online, and found some guy had a video of a software update for his model S posted in the past. In his case, it took about 45 minutes for the patch to apply. And during the patch, he experienced similar "clicks" and light flashes. So I started to think this might all be normal.

Every few minutes I would go check on the car - sometimes the lights would be on, sometimes off. Sometimes the interior dash was displayed, sometimes not. It felt like the car was thinking or exercising - all by itself.

I felt like I had David Hasselhoff's car sitting in my garage.

But finally, I came out and the car was quiet. I feared the whole thing was done and the bricking process had completed. But when I unlocked and opened the door, everything came on exactly as normal! My music started to play again and the world was right again! Charging had resumed and the patch was successful.

Software v4.0 (1.17.50) had been installed!

As others have reported, the changes are visible and great! The auto-extend handles when you approach is awesome, but the improvements to the energy chart are equally great. The fact that this car patches itself with such noticeable and useful features is nothing short of amazing. My mind was blown... seriously, amazing, awesome, fantastic!

But I do wish Tesla had prepped me for the experience a bit. The first patch was much scarier than I had expected - the "Car Needs Service" light, the clicking, the headlights flashing, and the length of patch install were all outside of my expectations.

I hope this helps others know what to expect :-)

Thanks Mike. That is exactly the kind of communication that would be easy to provide and go a long way to making it a better experience. Maybe it could be conveyed in the manual and on the screen before the update.

Thanks @Mike6. Am eager to know the details behind the changes.

Finally figured out that the release notes are now delivered with the OTA. Is on the car's about screen. Lots of stuff here including enabling an alarm mode, improved throttle control, sleep mode, better energy usage reporting and a lot of nice UI tweaks (besides the door handles, voice commands, etc).

Shouldn't Tesla release the updates to all owners at the same time? Is it priority released or are they concerned with bandwidth?

Thanks for the explanation of the Synchronized Door Handles, WIlliam9!

-George V


Sorry nickhowe, here is a repost

William9 | NOVEMBER 30, 2012
Just did the DL. It is listed as v4.0 (17.50).

The sync of door handles involves a situation when all of the handles are extended and someone enters a door and closes it. ONly that handle retracts. Now all of them do, after some delay I presume.

Still waiting on the iPhone App. Need it, want it, give it to me!

-George V

I posted a blurry screen shot of the release notes summary page at:

Anyone notice the difference in throttle response?

Mike6: Just wish I'd had your comments yesterday afternoon! Went through the exact same thing. Figured my plans to show off the car later in the day were toast! But all's well, that ends well!

And I'd watched Cinergi's video. But it was the yellow warning, "Car needs service. Call Tesla" that got me nervous.

Has anyone gotten emails verifying this?

Can someone switch the car to metric and let us know what the energy consumption is rated in?
kW/100km, watts/km ect


Still anxiously waiting for my car to recognize that there is an update pending... the suspense is killing me!

After getting in my S today, it had a 'service notice', however, nothing showing me a software upgrade is showing anywhere, or how to initiate it?

After I unplugged the power, the notice disappeared. I started it, and shut it down... still nothing?

Can anyone explain what, when, or where I should get to this software upgrade? Or is it just notifying me in advance I should be expecting something soon?

Seems like the notice is an error when it was trying to push the upgrade. Lots of cars seeing that error. I'm sure they are sorting it out if owners tell their service reps about it.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.
"The Dramatic Update Experience -- Only from Tesla!"


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