No Slacker Account

My car does not have a Slacker account. I thought I remember reading somewhere that Tesla is temporarily out of accounts, and that they will be provided later, but I can't find the reference. Anybody know if or when this is coming? Do I need to contact TM to get it? Thanks.

Mine didn't have one either. I emailed ownership@ and asked for the username and password. After no response for two days, I pinged them and got a quick response (this has happened several times, I just assume now ill have to ask twice before they respond). I haven't tried out the slacker account yet because my car is in the body shop.

I've already got a Slacker account. They're only giving out accounts for a year anyways. The Radio Plus service you need is only $4/mo, so $48 for a year on a $86,270 car (for me) is a reasonable trade-off :P

I heard from my Ownership Experience Advocate on this issue. I think his answer is of general interest:

"Rest assured, that you will have a Slacker account and access soon enough. We are currently transitioning from a manual to automatic sign-in system. In the coming days or weeks your account information will be pushed to your Model S directly and no further action is required on your end."

@DouglasR - yup this is exactly the email answer I received. Sounds like there are LOTS of cars (Sigs) delivered without Slacker activated.

I asked "will the login come to my email?" and they said "no, it will be remotely activated by Tesla".


Mine was activated this morning. Anyone know if there is a way to log in to an existing slacker account to use saved playlists, etc.?

my slacker account magically worked today. I've had my car since Sunday. They said a bunch of cars turned on today. You can log into your existing account if you touch somewhere on the slacker page but now I can't remember. I'll check tomorrow. I know I saw it.

Slacker account information was pushed into my car by Tesla today and it is working great. If you have tried to use your own free account and it doesn't work in the car, you should log out then click on the T symbol on the top bar, Tesla says, and account information will be pushed to populate the Slacker app. That worked for me. My experience with Tesla service has been great.

Yep, mine works too! Sweet.

me too.... Slacker activated automatically by Tesla yesterday. Having fun listening to Christmas music and playing 'stump the DJ'. Very nice feature!

Is there any advantage to signing up separately for a premium Slacker account vs. using the Tesla-provided account? Thanks-

On 12/30/12 a Tesla rep e-mailed me this: "Slacker access will be pushed to all Model S cars instead of the manual setup method that was previously used. The process change is taking longer than anticipated, but we expect it will be resolved within the next few weeks. You do not need to do anything to receive the Slacker update."

I followed up with some questions but no reply yet.

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