No Wait MS

Bellevue has a black on black 60 in stock and available for sale. And I still don't have a VIN for my Red 60, with order # 884, after almost four years of waiting. I sure hope I like the color!

Was it a late cancellation or something? Or maybe Tesla accidentally produced the wrong configuration for someone?

Dunno, O. For some reason, Tesla invited the reservation holder to configure, scheduled delivery, but could not close the sale. So here it sits, in the Bell Square garage.

Enjoying your new ride?

No :(

It is currently getting wrapped at Metropilitan Detail and so I'm driving a loaner. I really miss my car.

Danny and James in Seattle told me that there are several cars like this--ones that the financing fell through, the purchaser got cold feet, etc. Seems a shame though that you don't have your car with such a low reservation #--must be something in the way they batch the 60 battery? I hope you get it soon!

My long wait comes from color choice, more than battery size, Epley. I like a red car, and I was not willing to step up to a six figure Signature Edition, until now the only Red available. I understand the first non-Sig Red Model S (a different color of Red than the Sig Red) will go into the paint shop this month, so my wait should be all but over.

I hope your wait is over soon and that it is the perfect shade of Tesla red.

I found out that Bellevue still has one inventory for 60kwh black with tan but no tech package. I called Seattle Tesla store 6/19 who recommend I should wait for one with tech package since I might regret it eventually. She found me the options I want and ready to ship from Fremont (60/black/tan leather/pano/airsuspension/supercharging/tech) in 3 days. I get to pick it up this Wednesday 6/26. Almost no wait but it's the longest 7 days wait ever!!!

Congrats. I definitely think it's worth it.

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