People keep touching my car!

I love my new Model S and I also love the attention it gets while I'm driving. What I'm not loving is that people seem to think it's okay to put their paws all over my car, lean on it as they try to peek inside, leave face and nose prints all over my windows when the car is parked and I'm out of sight. I parked all the way in Timbuktu at my office parking lot, yet people still managed to find it. The MC Red is like a fire in the night sky, it seems. I know we should all have such minor things to worry about, but I am surprised by people's behavior. If I saw a McLaren sitting in the parking lot, I would certainly look at it and admire it, but I wouldn't think it appropriate to touch it, lean on it, etc. because it is not my property.

When I left the parking lot yesterday, I saw what looked like a butt print on the right side of my windshield. It was probably someone's face cheek, but boy it sure didn't look that way. Buttons, zippers, rings on hands are all things that could scratch or damage the car's finish and I just don't like the fact that people think it's okay to touch someone else's car without permission. When I saw all the finger and nose prints on my car yesterday, I almost felt violated. I wonder how others feel about this. Maybe my expectations for people to keep their hands to themselves is unreasonable. Am I crazy?

I feel the exact same way. The day I picked up my car my wife's coworker came over to check it out and first thing he did was lean on it, some people just don't get it. For me it is a big no no to touch or otherwise mess with anyone's vehicle. I can deal with a little drool, and if my car is dusty and you do a finger swipe to show me, you may be summarily beaten for grinding the dust into my clear coat.

"Summarily beaten"


@Amped To answer your basic question, I believe there are a number of your posts that might support the notion that you are crazy, but let's set that aside for now. :-)
As for people touching your car, these are the same people who feel it's normal to ruffle your kid's hair or breathe on a baby in a stroller.

Keep your distance, people. Look but don't touch. Oh, and when you look, do it with a little respect.

Problem is, those people you are directing that notion to jtodtman do not read these forums! :(

I figured if I say something really profound the AP will pick it up.

I have that same problem at car shows.

Glad I have the entire car paint armored.

Though it still gets me when they actually lean on my car.

Perhaps a small decal that says, "Car is locked and armed, danger of electrocution: look but do not touch!"

But then you are just feeding the electric car rumors with that one thranx :)

If it was just a hot car, I'd say shame on them, but the Model S is insanely hot right now. You're not driving a super car; you're driving science...A symbol of an automotive turning point in history. I say accept the touching. Like it or not, you'll likely get used to it. However, to tame the OCD fingerprint beast, I've found it helps to have the chrome trim (especially door handles and around side windows) either painted (or plasti-dipped) or wrapped (vinyl) with black or a car-matching color. I'm not insinuating you should have these things done as much as offering a partial solution that worked great for me. Personally, I like the blacked out trim more (and I'm not a black-out kind of guy).

People just don't give a f--- nowadays. They will do whatever they want it seems, and then get mad at you for having a problem with their "perceived freedom."

I would be very annoyed! I still cannot wait to own a Tesla though. I am on the fence with getting a Model S now or wait for a Model X.

Despite my insane politeness and courtesy, if I saw a goose that lays mini golden leprechauns instead of eggs, I'd touch the leprechauns. That's right, the Model S is just *that* amazing imho.

@AR - First off, you are nuts. You lost your marbles long before your car's delivery...

Secondly, it is perfectly normal in our little club.

I've had my MC red for 10 weeks now and it is still a magnet for attention. All the sleek lines jump out quite a bit more in this loud color.

If you don't want people to look at you/your car like a $2 ho, then you should have picked a different color.

Just get a detailer to install OptiCoat for the car. All finger prints and dust will easily slide off.

Kids seem to leave the most defined hand prints.

Where do you reside? Around these parts (Seattle area) I can't imagine anyone getting that excited by it because they're all over the place.

In Cali they're also all over the place.

You guys crack me up! :) $2 ho... love it!

I realized yesterday, while driving home, why lane departure warning technology was developed. To keep those in adjacent lanes from broadsiding me as they lean over to gaze at my car! This almost happened yesterday. The car next to mine (he was in the fast lane) almost broadsided me as the driver leaned over across his empty passenger seat to gaze at my car. In the process he also moved his steering wheel sufficiently to cross over into my lane! Elon, for Model S 2.0 can you please provide a "deflector shield" option?

As I was leaving the post office yesterday, a Ford F150 truck stopped in the middle of the road as I made a left turn just so he could watch. Yesterday as I was driving to the Fry's grocery store, I saw two people pumping gas at the Fry's gas station turn their heads to follow me as I drove right by. It was that perfect "money shot" of someone holding a gas pump nozzle and staring at an electric car going by. That was a clarifying moment for me when I realized I would never have to do what this man is doing. Ever!

Ever since buying Model S, after I park in the garage I take a moment to reflect. I take a deep breath and thank the universe for blessing me with the good fortune I've had in my life that has enabled me to buy this car. I am thankful for so many things, but mostly that we have people in the world like Elon Musk who are changing our world for the better.

@ S4WRXTTCS - I'm in the Phoenix area.

ALSO ... thank you guys for putting up with me the last few weeks. I was getting cranky there about a week before my delivery, so I apologize if I annoyed anyone. It was good to work all the knots out of my system, because when the car came I could not find a single negative thing to say about anything. I could have walked into a pile of dog doo and I still would have been smiling.

> never have to do what this man is doing

I take delivery Friday. I had a big grin as I topped up my current car for the last time yesterday.

@Amped It was interesting to witness your experience. I still remember when you entered the forum asking us to convince you to buy a Model S. I'm certainly glad we didn't steer you wrong. Like many have said, I'm very interested to hear how your clients react. Anyone who was offended by your zeal and anxiety-laden retorts probably deserved it.

For me, the next guy I'm looking forward to hearing about is rch1708. I think we're all rooting for him.

"Don't Touch! Toxic Wax!"

+1 jtodman

I remember when Amped first showed up. It's been fun watching him go through the research and end up an excited owner.

And Amped, we already knew about the cranky phase. Oh god, this place was nuts last fall when no one had their cars, and every delay seemed like the end of the world. We were grousing and fussing like one of those old western bar fights.

Anyway, congrats!

@AR: Tesla Model S is already a big head turner, but I think the MC Red is even more distracting to other drivers.

The other day, this lady was looking at our car, as she drove past us. I almost had a heart attack for her, as she slammed on her brake to avoid hitting the car in front of her. I can just imagine her telling the cops: it was the red Tesla!

@jtodman: I got my VIN, la-di-da-di-daaaaaa... It will be a race to see whether my MS arrives arrives before I'm ostracised from normal society & just have you guys left! Hahahahahahahahah!

Amped: been following and laughing at your increasing crotchetiness. My wife was like that in the last weeks of her pregnancy. Glad you've come through.

You should put a sign on your car saying that "EV" not only means "electric vehicle" but also "electriFIED vehicle". "My big battery delivers big shocks... Hands off"

Cheers & enjoy.

Hey, how a out a new option: Vandergraaf Generator?

+1 to all the comments about enjoying watching your journey to ownership AR. Kinda like riding a rollercoaster! Ha! ;-)

As for all the prints, may I suggest you get one of these...


"Any contact with the car waives your right to disclaim any rights of innocence when damages are found. And yes, you are ON CAMERA"

You could pee on it to mark your territory. It would probably work, especially if you first ate asparagus.

A sign:


sit away from your car and use yout tesla app to beep the horn :-)


I did that once to good effect, after one guy touched the handle. I was 100yds away giving an interview at the office. The interviewee loved it. :-)
Once at Gilroy SC there was a cluster of 5 young guys, not touching, but peering. I made sure they weren't going to get hit, and popped the trunk from 100ft away. Exclamations, puzzled looks, then they started looking around.

They got a quick tour of the car for being interested, but not grabby.

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