The real reason why I got a Tesla

Its pure mid life crises. Not into green this and that, give me Paleo before eating vegan, sprouts…seriously people we make no difference. Please pay a trip to Africa or South Asia…millions of motorbikes, emission pollution up the gazoo that are not changing in our lifetime with comfortable westerners driving luxury sedans. I also did not get it to sit and calculate drag coefficient, charge rates and pretend to be Thomas Edison. Got it because we had a stellar financial year in a crummy economy, gadget car to the max, total wow factor and not interested in Americans fighting for hearts and minds (Oil Interests) in countries that would rather see us fail.

That being said I think I'm a good demographic and don't need to post "No Emissions" on my head to in order to feel superior.

At 74, this is my mid-life crisis.

Heh. You mean you just naturally feel superior even without that excuse/justification? ;)

I bought mine because:

1. Quiet. If they ever mandate synthetic noise, I'm no longer excited about EVs.
2. Super responsive and fast. Drives like a high powered quiet hovercraft, or magic carpet.
3. I had the cash sitting in my brokerage account. Wife said "what are you going to do with that money anyway? Spend it, and get the top model while you're at it!". Couldn't believe my ears so I jumped!

My approach to this is way simpler, not trying to "save the world" at all (not oblivious to improved local pollution though) but to take advantage of a very fascinating and ground breaking application of a new technology, packaged in a wonderful design (so no Leaf for me!) at the same time screw the tax authorities for about USD 150,000 in direct import taxes and fees + take advantage of all the other silly support programs such as no road tax, no road toll, no petrol tax ( guess what the taxes are on USD10 per gallon), free parking and free charging. Selfish? Of course I am! As everyone else. I vote with my money on the car purchase as I do with buying food, clothes and everything else I invest or consume. To buy a USD 100,000 car to save the planet? If that is your real intention, get a bicycle - or a Leaf - and hand the rest of your money over to IPCC or a rainforest scheme.


The car's the thing ...

A Model S needs no justifications or excuses for existence!

@NOPetrol: My reasons are exactly the same as yours.


I completely disagree. Up until the Model S, no one on Earth had a choice of driving a fast, luxury, roomy, exotic-looking vehicle that didn't run on gasoline. Worse, our choices were limited to very poor MPG vehicles, that relied even more on the highly subsidized raw crude refined byproduct.

I understand raw crude oil is still used in many different products (plastics, solvents, et al), however, all of the products that use raw crude oil, all can be made using non-fossil alternatives. On the other hand, even with all the various products we used on a daily based that contain raw crude oil, only gasoline and heating oil, do we see such a corrupt tyranny of manipulation. It not like you walk into your local toy store, and see a digital price-tag on your kids plastic toys that change every few hours, based on the market price of plastics made from raw-crude.

Up until the first reasonably priced automobiles were invented by Henry Ford, gasoline was a valueless waste by-product that was actually dumped into landfills. Only after John D. Rockefeller capitalized on the waste byproduct as a secondary highly volatile fuel for the ICE engine, did it actually gain a value, and begin to be saved and refined.

After gasoline revolunitized the automobile industry, only then did it become the best and worst thing to ever happen to this planet in history.

Remember, the terror attacks on 9/11 would have NEVER happened had it not been for the monopoly fuel known as gasoline. That is MORE than enough for me to want to own a Tesla!!!

I bought the car because it brings competition to the oil industry for the first time in many decades.. economic freedom is the keystone to other freedoms.

And I hate what the corrupt oil industry is doing to us.

That's the tangled string=ball of your personal priorities and motivations. But the MS has none of them; it is a superb vehicle and is value+ as a vehicle without considering a single one of your listed considerations.

typo: string-ball

Right, Brian H. But of course, this thread is for sharing personal priorities and motivations. Unless I am mistaken.

Brian H - You only have the choice to buy a Tesla S because Elon Musk had electric transport as one of his goals for a brighter future for humanity. He did not pursue Tesla Motors just to make a superb car.


You're kidding, right? From what I have read, Elon had exactly that in mind. To paraphrase a Tesla video (Franz von Holzhausen) " ... you don't create such a car by accident..."

I'm with bigdaddymak, I needed a new car, the old one's manufacturer is going out of business** (Mitsubishi) and I care about the environment and all that, but I'm a car guy by heart, and I needed a Car I could get into the Car Pool Lane (CA) with, and something that didn't suck as a vehicle. The S is all that and more.

**All the dealerships around me are closing the closest is 30+ Miles, and they're crooks, the next is 40-50 Miles away.

The beauty of Tesla Motors is that they demonstrate how one can improve life for all of us by developing green technologies that don't assume one has to compromise. The Roadster and Model S both outperform similarly priced gas-powered vehicles by a long shot, and they offer additional advantages that generally far outweigh the learning curve or other trade-offs. Even someone who is convinced global warming is a myth, hates hippies, and was beaten up by trees as a kid will have plenty of reasons to love Tesla's cars, the first of which being to tell places like Saudi Arabia, "up yours."

Kidding? Absolutely not.
I am talking about Elon's reason for being involved in the Tesla company. It was, from many interviews I have seen with him, and articles I have read about him, because of his desire to make a brighter future for humanity. His main goals included space travel (hence SpaceX), renewable energy (hence SolarCity) and electic transport(hence Tesla).
He realises that electric cars will not be accepted until they are at least as good as, and even better than, ICE cars. He therefore set out to make a series of supurb electric cars.
Creating a superb electric car was a result of trying to make a better future for humanity. In was not an end unto itself.

Elon knew he couldn't sell just green, and succeed; he had to sell "best", because then everyone would be a potential customer. So he did.

Success can be both 'philanthropic' and financial. Elon has stated that with his space adventures, by which I mean helping to get man to mars, he did not expect it to be a financial success. Although SpaceX has turned out to be a great success as a business, it was not why it was founded, and it would have been considered a success even it turned out not to be financially viable. I expect Tesla was always meant to be a financial success in order to be a 'philanthropic' success. I believe it is besmirching his motives to imply that the primary driver for his work is just financial.

I bought the car because I'm a total geek. You have to admit that this car has what the geeks love. However, now I'm the cool geek that people envy. Great feeling. Seriously I didn't think of how cool the car would be when I put my reservation in about 1.5 years ago. Now I'm cruising down the street and people stare and give me the thumbs up. Some kid on the street yelled "cool car" as I was driving down PCH. Tesla grin?.....Oh yeah!


You're right. I was confusing Franz' motivations with Elon's. Franz is a car guy.

Lucky for us that Tesla have Franz on board

It is great to see that one car can appeal to such a broad range of motivations. My motivations were as follows:

1. Awesome car. I am a car guy. I've always spent disproportionate amounts of money on cars relative to my income, because I really love cars. This is by far the best car I've ever driven (I've owned cars from Cadillac, BMW, Audi, and Porsche and driven cars from Bentley, Mercedes, Ferarri, Lamborgini and Aston Martin). For day to day driving the Model S is without peers.

2. Great Technology. I've always been an early adopter and I take joy in watching new technologies develop. I know that there is a risk to being on the 'bleeding edge', but I actually enjoy working through the issues early adopters face (although I must say, my Model S has not had any meaningful technology issues).

3. Sustainable Development. The Model S is a great step forward on the path of sustainable transportation. There is a loooong way to go,but this represents a significant advancement.

I was not motivated by economics (but I'm glad that the value proposition is competitive), made in USA, or an inherent distrust of big oil or the existing Automotive Industry. I can definitely understand why these would be factors for some individuals and I'm glad these factors broaden the appeal.

I agree that GREEN alone cannot sell. I bought the MS because she is:

1. Clean, well architect-ed and revolutionary design
2. Great performance, never driven a car with that good of handling, quietness, effortless and seriously fast
3. Computerized, hi-tech business is my whole career for many years, from semi-conductor to PC and storage development. The 17" computer is the future of cars and Tesla did it right the first time, very impressed. I expect many useful apps will follow.
4. Fuel savings, my last month KW usage compared to the same month of last year is doubled but with the TOU meter, I pay only 80 cents. My estimate of fuel savings for 10 years is about $28K.

Plan to keep this "Treasure" for a long time.

When I first heard about the Model S in 2010 I was blown away with the looks, the performance, the low operating cost, the ZTPE, the liberation from petroleum, the comfort and the goals and ideals it represents. It is a game changer. I am proud to be an early adopter of a technology that should start a revolution away from gas guzzlers. I can't deny that the luxury aspect is appealing and at 61 with back problems, I can't tolerate a small, uncomfortable car. I spent way above my usual limit and it wasn't easy, but I have no regrets. Some of my reasons were selfish, some not. Will I change the world, no. Will Tesla, maybe they will be a step in the right direction, maybe much more. Time will tell, but as they say, the longest journey begins with a single step.

My next project is to build a solar farm on the roof to put back some or all of the energy my Tesla takes from the grid. I feel much better about the Tesla than I felt about my 5 liter MB with its 15mpg city mileage. We all can do our part, no matter how small. Do nothing and you are part of the problem. No shame in getting a bitchin' car in the bargain.

End of cliches.

+1 stymyg

There are only wins


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