Really brown? I mean brown!

I've reserved a Model X - but I have to say the Tesla brown is my least favorite color (sorry brown Tesla owners, but I"m glad you like your car, just not for me)…

but I'm about to cancel my reservation cause I have to look at a Brown Model X until they get a design studio online so I can configure mine…

may have to request my deposit back.

Haha! I'm with you on that.

When I want to really look at one to remind me why I want one I find that picture of the red one with the 21" turbines or the white one that made the most recent car show appearences.

Only way I cancel is if I get clearence for an S. ;-)


My guess is that people forgot why no production vehicles were painted brown for a couple of decades, and now it's 'different'... If something's naturally brown, fine, but PAINTING something brown is just plain wrong.

How about teal?

If you like this well enough to use it for a desktop background, go to on 'More' and choose 'Download photo' to get it in 1920X1080p


lol - I need a color choice for the "myTesla" website - I keep having to stare at the brown one…{shudder}

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