Rearview camera

I find myself checking the rearview camera more and more while driving, especially before changing lanes. I was wondering if others had the same experience. I find that the camera has a much larger field of view than all 3 mirrors taken together. I have the HD camera that comes with tech package.

I am becoming more dependent on the rear view camera. Today Was driving in the rain. Unfortunately the camera was nothing but blurry drops of water. My wife suggested Rain-X. I will try that, any other ideas?

Rain-x is a great idea...I will be trying that!

I was driving MS in the rain today first time in the Bay Area and the rain drops got on the rearview camera making the view blurry. I just stopped at a parking lot and use a tissue paper cleaned the camera. It works fine afterwards.

Has anyone tried the aquapel on the rearview? I want to have it self clean better but I'm worried aquapel is only for glass and the lens is plastic. Maybe I'll rainx that and aquapel the windshield.

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