Reservation to delivery time

Made a reservation for a Performance S, 85kwh, with all except the rear seats & body armor, Blk/Bld with 21" grays. What has been the time from reservation to delivery?

Looks like the Cdn. Sigs will all be delivered shortly. How fast the Cdn. Production models will go out is completely unknown so far.

Apparently the RN is a random internal tracking number, and conveys nothing.

I have just made a reservation. I am living in Norway. I talked to Tesla motors and they told me that I probably have to wait 1 year. More information will come first quarter in 2013 they said....

What reservation number were you assigned?

Just reserved one. #16,666!
p.s. I wonder if this means means there are less than 20K Tesla Model S orders out there (for the USA)?

Yes, the total of all delivered and reserved Model Ses is under 20K so far for the US.


I am #484 in Canada. Reserved in late November.

Anxious to hear if any Canadians have received the email to confirm their configuration.

Can anyone tell me how long the timeframe was from when they signed the papers to receiving delivery? I'm referring to the finalizing the order with the confirmation paperwork and countersignature coming back to the time they knew their car was completed and at least on the way for delivery also.

@drpeggau, I think it depends on your configuration. The 85kW models with air suspension are the ones that are currently being delivered. Then, the 85's without air suspension, the 60's, and the 40's will join the production line.

I just signed mine with 85kW and standard suspension. The guy at the Tesla store told me that I should expect the delivery around late May/early June. I defered my 6806 reservation till after a test drive, which I was able to take last week.

~ Prash.

i am CDN P#231 and got my "finalize" button on Dec 20. Hang there, your time is near:)

@Prash: there are more than a few 60kWh w/air customers that have been told to expect delivery in Jan/Feb. Standard suspension, 40kWh, and new red paint options will enter production in March.

@rlpm, thanks for the update. I went through some of the other forums and noticed that 60's are being delivered already. That's good to know :)

~ Prash.

@Prash: you're welcome.
I'm glad the 60s that have been waiting so long are finally getting some love. I hope the factory can keep up production for people like me with high reservation numbers. I don't know how all you that have waited for years did it. Kudos and enjoy your new rides!

I am Canadian #477, late November order. Told I will lock in my order before end of Jan... hoping they ramp things up for March/April delivery.

We reserved ours on January 1st, 2012 with reservation #6,530 and just picked it up at the factory on December 30th with a VIN ending in 02844. Those data points are interesting but interpreting them requires a lot of insight into the changing rate of reservations and the decisions Tesla Motors is making about which configurations to produce. They'd made it pretty clear that 85kWh models with active air suspension would be their focus initially, so I'm sure that means a lot of earlier reservations are backlogged awaiting production to start for other configurations.


Reserved 8/24/09 #1156

Signed papers to MVPA 8/8/12

Finalized 12/12/12
Paid in full wire transfer 12/12/12

12/31/12 still waiting

Performance 85 , carbon fiber, active air, +++

Surprisingly, my ride showed up over (3) months early. It's beyond rediculous. It's redonkulous. I'm in SoCal where cars are extraordinary. The tesla s is better than any of them. Understandably, I have no buyers remorse. None. I even found (4) chargepoint ev charging stations downtown today. Free electricity-can this get any better? To say I'm satisfied (so far) would be an understatement. Every time I drive this thing I have to be bullish on TSLA.

I signed the papers 12/27 and received the countersigned at that time. took them a week from finalized. No one asked for money yet. Will they or do I just asked to send some or all? I believe I read that all is due at the delivery. No vin yet. Grey/Black inter, pano 85kP, grey wheels, tech. Never saw options for "shelf" whatever that is. Still it is all very fast and they say "Feb-March" but I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later. Thanks Christopher and Prash. John-Chicago area.

You should call or email on the status if you want to make sure everything is smoothly on track.

made a reservation yesterday to beat 2500. price increase. spoke with chris at short hills who mentioned p16666 guy. lucky number. my lease is up in 09/13 on present vehicle. should i be worried about EARLY delivery? i don't want to get stuck with unwanted lease pymt while I enjoy my new S.

My guess is that at a rate of 500 per week your car will be finished on the 4th of July

dr p;
It depends on state laws and the circumstances. Sometimes bank drafts, sometimes prewired, sometimes personal cheques made out on the spot .... No credit cards. Someone once paid their $40K Signature reservation in cash, but I don't know if that applies to final payment. ;)

I once suggested TM hook up with Dwolla - $.25 per transaction >$10 (=<$10 is free). New kid on the financial block.

I just made my reservation yesterday to avoid the $2,500 upcharge. 17,757. That means that from 12/23 - 12/31 they got 5,621 US reservations, so nearly a third of their stock Model S numbers. That's amazing...

They got a lot of people off the fence with that price increase! I know would have continued to procrastinate...

I'm guessing the end of the year (2013) at best for a 60k?

@zesty, I was told by Tesla several times that all reservations at the 2012 prices will be delivered by end of summer including 60kwh.

Amazing, but also false. The day before that the P res# was: "P 16,547 (December 22, 2012)" from mm't tally. So 17,757 - 16,547 = 1,210. Average of 151/day. Still pretty good!

typo: mm's tally.

US figures, of course.

Ah, I must have misunderstood. Someone posted their number in the 12,000s as of 12/23, but likely they made their reservation prior to that day...

@ Lazman and iainbarnes,

I'm #5 and made my reservation in Mrch 2009.
Got the configuration email on December 3rd 2012. Got the confirmation for completed paperwork and december 4th 2012...

expecting delivery in Feb or March 2013, so 4 years after putting down the reservation. Hope to have the delivery confirmation soon.

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