Roadster/Model S charging adapter for Centralia, WA

Here is an update regarding the concept of a shared Roadster/Model S adapter. I have had a Roadster/Model S adapter on order for a while because I do the Seattle/Portland routine frequently.

Here are the hestitations that I had in the beginning:

First was the cost.

Second, Superchargers were on the horizon in the vicinity in 2013. I assumed that this area would be a high priority area due to the Tesla per capita concentration in the area. I have not been able to figure out whether the Superchargers are launching on schedule because the schedule has not been very specific.

Third, there was talk early on about modifying the Roadster Charger at Burgerville in Centralia to accomodate the Model S. This idea was dropped. It was a generous idea. In part this is due to the fact that there are far more Model Ses in the area than were expected a few short months ago. No one wanted to shut out the Roadster owners that paid for the charging station. The Roadsters need the additional charge because they have less range than the Model S.

In spite of all those hesitations I'm keeping the adapter on order. I made note of those that have expressed an interest in sharing the cost and usage of the adapter. It seems as if a lock box or other secure system to keep the adapter secured on site at Burgerville would be the best option.

I am in the process of tracking down the individual that installed the Roadster charger in Centralia to get permission to secure an adapter at that location. I have a couple leads I am working on.

Once I get word about the adapter I'll let everyone know here and at TMC Pacific NW forums so that we can get a good final head count, split the cost and dispense keys.

Maybe the Superchargers will arrive before the adapter. I guess we will not know until it happens.

Thanks Capt Zap
Count me in to share costs for the adapter. Picking up my S tomorrow and will be doing Portland run frequently. The real answer though is for TMC to put supercharges along I-5 from at least Portland to BC. I think there is now a big enough critical mass to warrant it ASAP>

Captain_Zap - count me in to share cost. Thanks

70 cars were delivered to the Seattle and bellevue service enters in last 10 days so we have the critical mass to push for superchargers now

@laryrob & pilotsteve

Consider yourselves included on the list.

I did some asking around at TMC to find out who is the owner of the charger at Burgerville in Centralia but I had no luck with that lead. I'll stop in at Burgerville and see if I can get any info. One concern about installation is that the adapter is quite large, from what I understand.

Capt Zap,
Use my email to contact me when you need my share.
Kudos for staying on track here. If (That is a big IF)
a supercharger appears in the near future we can simply
move the adapter to another location that would help us
access WA wine country of locations on the peninsula.

I'm sure a shop owner looking to increase traffic would be
easy to find.

OH I had a convesrsation with a manager at Burgerville some tima ago who told me that Tesla installed the charger there. Don't know
if that meant Corp or an owners group?


I'm just getting back to these threads -- I've been out of town.

Have you looked at the Northwest Tesla Owners Club on Google Groups? I believe that Tom Saxton or Chad Schwitters over there had something to do with the Burgerville EVSE (or they can tell you who put it in).

BTW, I got my second charger, so I'm definitely in.

Count me in as well! I have a 60 kWh and would like to take my vehicle from Woodinville to Salem occasionally. Currently waiting for supercharger. Do I need dual charger to use the other chargers including roadster charging (otherwise limited to the 32 miles/ hr charge)?


Yes, you need dual chargers to take full advantage of the Roadster 70 amp stations. I believe the Roadster station with adapter would still charge your car at 40 amps, but it would not provide a faster charge than, e.g., the NEMA 14-50 outlets you will find at most RV parks. Most public charge stations are around 30 amps, so the Roadster charger would be slightly faster than that, but in my opinion, there is not enough difference to justify your trying to get that adapter or even participating in a joint purchase.

How do you order a Roadster to S adapter?? It seems like this would be a smart thing to carry with you, enabling you to use the twin chargers on the road....

The general manager at Burgerville has agreed to keep the charger adapter (it's bright orange and about 4 feet long) for us, whether it's in their safe or somehow mounted or in a lock box outside.

Either way, I'm still in.

Also, the Tesla supercharger is supposed to be in Centralia. But there are only so many open stalls, will be nice to have a "backup".

@Epley, what is the source of your information about the supercharger location?

Danny and James at the Tesla Seattle service center.

Thanks for the updates.

Dave, I don't suppose Danny or James gave you any indication of the timing, did they?

No--it seemed they haven't heard anything except "it's on backorder."

Could use it in a couple of weeks on a trip to Salem from Woodinville. Otherwise, I'll need a longer stop.


@Epley - I was asking whether James or Danny had given you an indication on the timing of the supercharger, not the adapter. However, I understand that in his earnings call, Elon said the Seattle area should see a supercharger in the next few months.

@epley Lance at the Tesla store in Bellevue square told me they have an adapter that can be lent out for trips like yours. Give him a call before you leave and see if its available.

Can't wait for the supercharger. I just finished my Woodinville to Salem trip - doable, but takes 7 - 8 hours for charging! See my forum post on this.

I arrived early (9am) in Portland and started charging my 60KW at the Tesla facility at the Mall ( a 7 hour event as I don't have the twin chargers)

A Tesla employee arrived early and we had a conversation regarding supercharger installs.

He told me someone from Fremont was in town last week (Late Feb)
scouting locations. He thought Eugene and Roseburg were the locations. Noindication for Centralia or Marysville.

FYI Gig Harbor to the Mall in Portland leaves 28 miles in the 60KW running 50% at 60mph and 50% at 70mph. The max charge I can do is
200 miles. 200 miles at a standard charge, or at Max? I've been getting a consistent 216 at a standard charge. I tried the max charge before my Salem trip and maxed out at 226. Doesn't seem worth the degradation to the battery for the extra 10 miles.

The Roadster Charger to Model S Adapter arrived and I will be picking it up on Monday. I'm going to order another one for myself for road trips and make this one available for permanent placement at the 70A Roadster HPC in Centralia at Burgerville.

If you are still interested in kicking in some money for the adapter you can e-mail me via Tesla Motors Club. My ID there is "v12 to 12v". I'll reply with more details and information.

@Captain_Zap - please check your private messages at TMC. Thanks.

Drdon, I get 187 on a standard charge and 198 on a max.
I'm 208~220 @ 40Amps on a 14-50 Nema.

This is using the Rated Charge setting.
Also I am parked in an unheated garage while charging which may
have something to do with the charge.

I have a count of 15 names so far from here and TMC.

I picked up the charger yesterday. It looks like we need a lock box that is approximately 15" square by 4.5" to 5" deep. It does need to be protected from the elements. A means of teathering the adapter to the box would help as long as it doesn't contribute to a trip hazard.

The service center informed me that there was a Roadster/Model S adapter at Bellevue Square and it grew legs in just a few short days and never returned. So, they suggested that we have the adapter secured.

Is there anyone that would like to be included on the adapter list that will not be at the Bellevue gathering on April 7th?

I do not have twin chargers so the adaptor will not benefit me. Is there also a 14-50 or J1772 plug at these Roadster sites?

cerjor, each one is different. I believe there is a J1772 (30 amp) across the street from Burgerville. The Seven Feathers complex in Canyonville Oregon has J1772 and NEMA 14-50 as well as a Roadster HPC. If you click on the blue pins on this map

it will usually tell you what's there.

By the way, Captain_Zap, rumors have it that there will be a supercharger in Centralia near Burgerville, and George B. says there will be superchargers in the northwest within the next three to four months. If a supercharger gets installed in Burgerville, would you want to consider moving the adapter somewhere else?

I'd be more inclined to keep it and cancel the order for my replacement adapter. I go south often enought that I would be interested in using it several times over the next 3-4 months in Centralia.

I was going to send up a test ballon to see if we should just skip installing a lock box and adapter there altogether if it would only be needed for the next few months. I'm wondering how many might drop out.

So far the cost would be just under $50 per person with the current number of participants. I think that they accidentally charged me sales tax for the adapter. I thought that devices associated with charging an EV was tax exempt too in WA. I'm looking into that.

We might be interested in joining the pool. Even if the supercharger goes in soon, I'd like to be able to use our twin chargers for a boost on Portland trips.

How confident is everybody that supercharging doesn't harm the battery? I've been thinking it's something to use only when needed for longer trips, like driving to California.

We'll be at the April 7th event in Bellevue. Sounds like there will be further discussion there. Captain_Zap, I'm sure one or many of us would buy the adapter if you decide it's not useful to you! You won't be stuck with an extra adapter on you hands.

I'm interested in looking into other places with Roadster HPC that we might want to equip with an adapter. Is there one on the Olympic Peninsula?

I understand where you're coming from, Captain. I agree that installing a supercharger at Burgerville would pretty much obviate the need for a Roadster-to-S adapter at that location. Now that TM is willing to sell the adapters to non-Roadster owners, it might make more sense for those of us who want one just to buy it so that we can use it at any of the Roadster stations. I have ordered one for myself, and so participating in a shared adapter for me will be mostly because I want to help the cause.

When I took my trip to California last month, someone was kind enough to lend me an adapter. Lending out our adapters when we don't need them might also be a reasonable way to facilitate use of the Roadster stations.

As for sales tax on the adapter, I think it's a close call. RCW 82.06.816 provides an exemption for "tangible personal property that will become a component of electric vehicle infrastructure during the course of installing, constructing, repairing, or improving electric vehicle infrastructure." This would clearly apply if the adapter were to be permanently located at the Roadster station, i.e., it would be a "component" of the station. It is less obvious that it would apply to an adapter you simply throw in the trunk when you go on a trip. I suppose you could provide TM with the filled-out form and see what they do.

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