Rumor: Tesla becomes "Tuosule" in China


It is not a rumor but a fact. Due to the failed negotiation with the Chinese trademark troll who trademarked Tesla and Tesla Motors and who asked Elon to pay him $30M for these trademarks, TM is forced to adopt a new strategy using a new name. Actually, TM registered a wholly owned company in Beijing in Nov. 2012, in which Mr. Deepak Ahuja, CFO of TM, is the registered entity representative. The newly established company has adopted the name "Tuo-Su-Le" which in Chinese means "Develop-Speed-Happy". IMO, that name is actually better than "Te-Si-La", the old translation of Tesla.

Haha... yeah, it was pathetically comical. Apparently, the guy would stage events where he paraded around in an electric golf cart and claim it was the same platform on which his electric car was being developed. People would boo him because they knew what his intentions were.

+1 bradslee, I like the new name better, too.

To make matters worse for this scumbag, he started using both the Tesla words and their "mark" which I'm sure he didn't understand destroyed his case. He is now the infringing user.

Big trouble.

I included 'Rumor' because I haven't seen anything from TM to confirm this; so far just one story in the press that is getting quoted.

How much to hire a hitman in China??

Just kidding. Still....

Good...glad the guy isn't getting anything. Te-Si-La means Earth Death anyway in Cantonese which is totally opposite of what Tesla stands for.

I am really not a big fan of the new name. I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. The new name can easily be made fun of in both languages. Really not a good name for the Tesla we love. I'm disappointed.

People can make fun of any name they want.

Who's going to made fun of you if they can't catch up to you? They'll most likely have their jaws wide open search for words to say as you silently speed past those ICE suckers!!!

Companies file for trademarks they never use all the time. There is nothing here that says Tesla is going to use this trademark for anything. If this is indeed a patent troll who showed a clear pattern of behavior and violation of Tesla's registered marks in other countries, then I don't think Tesla is going to have any problems. Tesla does not need this person's permission to market and sell under the Tesla name in China, it is the trademark troll who must take action to stop Tesla if he feels Tesla is infringing upon his mark. Elon will bury the guy.

Non issue in my opinion.

Tesla can use any name they see fit. Even Toyota is not using the real Japanese name which should be Toyoda.

Could use some help from native or fluent Chinese speakers for a couple ideas I had for a substitute Tesla name in China, how the namess sound colloquially, definition/meaning , I'm even unsure what the pronounciation is. Here they are:

1) Teslahua (prounounciation: Tez-la-wah ?)
Definition/meaning: Earth Blosson? or Tesla Blossom ?

2) Teshua (prounounciation: Tez-wah ?)
Definition/meaning: Tes-blossom

I noticed some Chinese cities end in "hua" which I think means blossom. To get the new name I combined Tesla with hua. Appreciate any feedback on how this sounds in Chinese, correct pronounciation, and if it has good secondary meanings/symbolism.

That is almost laughable, because when I was in Shanghai (on business a few years back), there were hundreds of businesses there that 'borrowed' famous 'western' trademarked names. I even saw a clothing store that was called "Liv Tyler", that I highly doubt she had anything to do with, much less even knows about.

One thing for certain, in China you can buy a DVD of a blockbuster American film, before it's even finished filming... LOL!

Besides, Elon should just call Tesla... 'Wánmě', for the Chinese market. It will just make them sell more! ;-)

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