Seat Comfort

Test drove the Model S at Chicago Oak Brook Mall. Drive exceeded expectations - like the Masters Golf Tournament - much better live than watching on TV. HOWEVER, while I was satisfied with the front seats, I was completely underwhelmed by back (second row) seat comfort. If I buy, I want to be able to seat 4 comfortably for a night on the town. Don’t want to be in the back seat of my buddies BMW - I want him and his wife in the back seat of my Model S. Any news on redesign to improve seating comfort - especially second row?

No news...maybe you want to wait and see if you like the seating on the Model X better (2014)??

@brennansr - Did your test drive car have a pano roof or a hard top?

The pano roof has ~2" more headroom which many people find makes all the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable rear seat.

If your test car did have a pano roof then the rear seat is as good as it gets on the current Model S.

I would not bet on any redesign for the back seats. At least not any time soon!

Maybe OP means actual seat comfort, not headroom. OP, are you saying the seats are too stiff or something, causing them to be uncomfortable in your opinion?

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