Selling my Tesla model S reservation RN013140

Hi everybody!
Due to new situation in my family and work, i'm selling my reservation of model s standard.
If anybody is interested in please send me an email to
Tesla motors customer service told me that there are no problems to pass the reservation.
I'm something like 187 in Europe and now it's time to make the configuration to go in production,
so time to wait is very small...
Thanks a lot,

I've always been told you can "pass on" the reservation to a close family member, but not to anyone else. From what I've heard selling the reservation is a non-starter... did you mention to Tesla that you are planning on SELLING the reservation?

I presume Stefano means he wants to get back his reservation fee... at least and can help someone else in the process. In Holland it may even be worth a bit more because ordering a model s now may not get you one before 2014.

Do not know how it works in your country, but in the US Tesla has never to the best of my knowledge supported selling a reservation, trading a reservation, ect with the exception Jewish notes.

What's a "Jewish note"?

An auto correct error?

Ooop. Jewsh.

I'm sorry if i caused all these problems...
I spoke with the customer service and they told me that i can pass-sell my reservation to anyone...
I don't want to speculate, but my reservation was made in june 2010...
I think there's some value in it...
So getting back some more extra money for three years of a blocked reservation seems to me right: isn't it?

In the US this was not allowed. We have a practice here called "Ticket Scalping" which is generally not allowed. A buyer would purchase large blocks of tickets for a sporting event or concert, then when the event is sold out, they would sell the tickets for a price over face value. This deprives the venue of potential revenue and gouges consumers.

Tesla was correct, I think, in preventing US reservation holders from reselling reservations. There would have been an issue with speculators purchasing many reservations and attempting to sell them for a profit. It would have created a black market.

But I'm not sure what the laws are in your country.

What some have done, I hear, is to co-register the new buyer as a reservation holder. They then work out the tax credit and other details between them.


you state that you DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE

But that is exactly what you are doing. If Tesla allows that OK, but call it what it is.

I would say if you dont like to buy a car get out of the way and let others that want to purchase proceed with their orders and get their car a little faster.

I like the concept of no transfers. It levels the playing field. No favors to the rich and famous, no special deals cut for free promotion, and no jumping the cue.

Queue? Unless you're playing billiards of course.


no it is a new sport.. you obviously have not heard ,-)
Queue it is.

Sort of the opposite of limbo?

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