Again, to the ones that got theirs or had or have the roadsters. I was wondering how's the service centers are? Also, do they provide loaners on warranty service or for services that longer 2 hours (I base this on my Lexus and Porsche dealership policy)?

San Diego service center is outstanding. They came to my office today with a flat bed trailer to transport it back in order to fix the driver's dome light. Called me when it was back at my office and could not have been anymore pleasant or accommodating. As one of my colleagues said, "The way customer service should be."
I've owned Infinit's since they first hit the market in the 90's and it was their tremendous service kept me coming back year after year for a new or leased Infiniti. The San Diego Tesla service center has matched and perhaps exceeded that high standard set for me by Infiniti. Christina, Bill, Chip, and Jeff deserve a raise!

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