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I live in Lake Tahoe, and like the Model X concept (enough that I have one reserved), BUT I do have a serious concern/question. The falcon doors, while they may have a 'wow' factor for some and maybe do offer improved access to the interior, strike me as wholly impractical when it comes to making this a functional vehicle. How the heck am I supposed to carry skiis or bikes!? There doesn't appear to be any functional way to mount a rack system.

Would welcome the input of anyone from Tesla in particular... any solution forthcoming for this issue?


At today's shareholder meeting, Elon specifically adressed the ski rack issue. He said that the Model X will be a natural car for the ski areas, and that they will have a novel approach to carrying skis.

But maybe a rear rack, not on the roof.

I was very happy Elon mentioned this and I reserved one. I like the falcon doors, as long as u have some easy way that I can bring ski's or a mountain bike, I am good :)

Elon Impressed me at shareholder meeting and he clearly understands what an suv is for....

I'm a surfer who needs AWD to get to my favorite surf spot. I've been concerned about the rack issue as well considering the gull wing doors. I have a MX on reserve and am waiting to see their solution before ordering. The boards I ride are big wave guns that won't fit inside the vehicle. Plus who wants wax and sand inside their $100k super car?

Maybe surfers aren't a big enough market to worry about for TM? Wait for the pick-up truck.

I have a Model S 85P and a reservation for an X. I'm a surfer and although most of my boards would fit inside the X, I don't want a sandy, wax covered, and salty surfboard inside my 100k vehicle. Need racks more than fancy falcon doors.

Then you want a pano Model S, which has fittings for roof rack.

Just to echo the crowd... skis... bikes ... and (ideally) a cricket camper.

I'm not sure what would work best here but there are a number of solutions for carrying skis on the exterior of a vehicle, such as this , or this = , or a roof box,

"I am sure that they considered the issue of a roof rack and purposely designed a car which could not use them due to aerodynamic concerns. I imagine that a loaded roof rack could reduce highway range by 50%. The idea with the x is to use interior space and not the roof."

Yes, but why not let the customer decide this for themselves? I carry a kayak and if my range is reduced by 50% (which sounds high to me), I'm okay with that. A trailer doesn't work for me because I like to store the kayak on my car in the garage when I'm using it frequently.

As for your point about interior space, maybe Tesla can also design kayaks, skis, and bikes that will fit in the frunk?

andrew, you need an SOV (Some Other Vehicle).

A roof rack isn't the only reason to lose the wing doors. In cold weather, especially with hard rain or snow, people generally open the door just enough to slip inside the car. With the X, the doors will need to swing all the way open, allowing god knows how much snow or rain to get in the car. This will not sell well in colder climates.

And yes, people could get an SOV (that was very clever what you did there), or Tesla could be smart about this car and realize that they could sell it to more than just soccer moms in LA and Miami if they lose (or modify) the wing doors.

How many times are people going to use that excuse? (snow on the top). You CLEAN the snow off the top before you leave, or you are an idiot.

Um, open the door enough to slip in! Same.

"Um, open the door enough to slip in! Same."

Not without opening up half the car to the outside elements.

"You CLEAN the snow off the top before you leave, or you are an idiot."

What's if it's SNOWING or RAINING? You don't have to start calling people names. This is a discussion, that's all.

AFAIK, the FW doors don't have to rise all the way to permit entry. Same.

The best idea for carrying extra stuff I think is a trailer; easy to load, versatile... and a Tesla trailer could carry additional battery capacity. This would mean NO reduction in range... perhaps even positive gain in range, depending on the battery capacity stored on the trailer.
A simple flex cable could plug the trailer to the parent vehicle. Why, this could even work with the Model S... especially if a future version features four wheel drive... with extra power from the front motor... like the X... like Audi Quattro.

?? Hard to offset the increased drag. And splitting power with the front motor makes no difference to energy use.


I didnt call anyone a name. Unless you are definitely someone who wouldn't/doesn't clean the snow off the top of the car. Also if it is snowing or raining a normal door will allow the elements in as well, you just try to get in quickly so as to accumulate as little inside the vehicle as possible. Anyone who doesnt clean thier vehicle off before driving IS an idiot. Sad but true.

As an avid skier here in the Pacific NW there are often times I return to my car after a day/weekend of skiing and there is a new foot of snow on top of the car in addition to a layer of ice on all windows. Is the Model X rear doors going to have some kind of defrost system? In a gale force storm I cringe at imagining having another area now on top of the car to contend with for clearing ice and snow so it would be nice if a person could remote start the car and all applicable defrost devices at a push of a button so time spent scraping ice and standing on/in the front door frames to access rear top for clearing would be minimized. Often we carry our back country ski set up as well as our all mountain skis depending on the conditions for the day so a solution which can contain multiple skis and keep them secure would be much appreciated. To CLOROXBB you may want to spend some time in winter mountain conditions or better yet watch the phenomena of exiting cars from a ski area after a snow storm before you call all these people who love the mountains IDIOTS for not clearing the snow off the roof of their vehicles.


Im from an area that gets a lot of snowfall every year. It doesn't matter how much snow is accumulated on your vehicle. You do not drive without clearing snow off and scraping the ice off the windows. If you do, then you are a road hazard and are an idiot.

If you are offended, oh well. Your personal opinion that you don't have to clean off your car before you drive it is fine, but you are nothing but a hazard to the other people on the road. Ice flying off the top of vehicles, snow etc... make you an even more dangerous object. Just like people that text and drive, and other activities that stray the focus of vehicle drivers.

I would bet that the X will have the smartphone app like the S that allows you to turn the heater on and warm up the car. I would imagine this would melt the ice on the windows at least and likely the whole car given enough time.

SOV Leaf bike transporter

Model X S#1016

Sorry. I left off the link.

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