Software Version 5.8 (1.49.22)

Just did the software update, and surprise, version 5.8. I see a thread on TMC already, so I'll provide the link:

Thanks for posting this, Chuck.

And tadah!...
* A wipers service mode. Who would've know? :)
* A reset TPMS button. Nice.
* MAC Address display in Wifi settings. Who was it again asking for this to setup their router's MAC filter?
+ all the goodies which were already in 5.6, of course.

Did I miss anything or were any of these already in 5.6? (I just quickly scanned the change list.)

Conclusion: Tesla reads the forums ;-)

Yes, I was also surprised by this update notice last night. The update to 5.8 seemed to proceed faster which I attribute to being tethered to my wifi.

Question: While the car is on wifi, is there any way to make it go back to cellular? I couldn't find a way to make it happen. Sometimes the wifi in some locations is weaker than the cellular.

Most of these enhancements were already in 5.6 but it's always nice to receive some refinements. The windshield wiper service mode is a nice touch.

Thanks, Tesla

Does it show the individual tire pressures yet? Having to check each tire with a pressure gauge is so 1990....

No individual tire pressure display yet. Maybe next time?

I have version 5.0. How do I get this update.

Man, I'm still running 5.0 (since the car was delivered 7 weeks ago), and it's been tethered to wifi the entire time it's been parked in my garage. Someday...

I was surprised that it doesn't show individual tires pressures. Just caused my to have a side-wall blowout on freeway. TPM light came on and showed low pressure. No tire was obviously low, so I figured I had some time to get a tire pressure gauge. It came on again while driving, but without a pressure number, I had no way of knowing that it was really low and losing air fast. Result: destroyed tire and an hour and a half of wasted time. Simple thing that ALL luxury cars have is individual tire pressures. At bare minimum, they let you know which tire needs air! Disappointing.

Went from 4.5 to 5.8 last night. Noticed the media center display arrangement very slightly altered. Most notable with the channel number display on XM. Also noticed the echo was gone when the radio switches from analog to HD.

Me too - went from 4.5 to 5.8 today, after a long long patient wait :-) VIN 5288, bought in Feb 2013, 10,500 miles. Have the whole weekend to explore the features!

updated from 4.5 to 5.8 last night.

12 hours later, I lost ONE MILE of the range. I'm impressed. 5.8 mostly killed the vampire loss.

My wish list... individual tire pressure... shuffle function on the USB-stored songs!

Also 4.5 to 5.8 last night. The very low speed slight modulation is gone, I thought the car was precise before but now is even better. ( release notes said creep mode improvements, but I don't use creep mode ).

How does one access the onscreen manual?

5.6 last week.

5.8 today.

When it rain it pours!!

Also 4.5 to 5.8 this morning! Is the main screen font is bigger? It seems like I can read the date/miles/temp better!

I think the manual is on the controls/settings (lower left side).

Did the latest update this morning and now notice that the car will not stay in the LOW position when droning. Even on the freeway. Is this how they are preventing damage to the batteries?

I wasn't aware that you could drone the Model S, much less that you could use "drone" as a verb! ;)

I got 5.8 this morning as well. Other than the fact that it takes about 40 or so seconds to come out of sleep (and the mobile app takes as much time to connect to the car), the update is great! Feels like a big upgrade from 4.5 (which I was in earlier).

A couple of other things:

- Noticed that the range changed by about 3% (lower) after the update
- Fonts are a bit smaller on the map
- Got a service required alert that disappeared about an hour later

MS60, VIN 84XX

If eliminating the low position changes the risk from 150 ppm to 15 ppm or lower then it is a good move.

Still have V4.5. Car delivered last May. A couple of months ago an update started while the car was parked in the garage. The next A.M. there was a download failure message on the display. I wonder why Tesla never tried again.

I just went straight from 5.0 to 5.8 this morning. Another nice thing is that the map street names are no longer upside down in heading up view. They are now rendered as a separate layer from the raw tiles. Looks awesome - can't wait to get a bunch of miles with this version. I assume my constant wifi connection was a factor in getting this so early. My car always has wifi when parked up at home.

I have an older version of the software, and no wifi. I found a software update this morning too. Maybe they are really pushing 5.8 out fast in order to lower the risk of battery damage on the highway. Tesla can't afford another fire in the next 6 months....

@chrisdl - mac address view is in 5.6; not new in 5.8

I updated last night as well, and I suddenly have footwell lighting.

Before the update there were not led lights in the rear footwells (leds located under the back edge of the front seats), and I am pretty sure there were no front seat footwell lights under the dash either. But now they are all on.

I suppose there was some bug with those lights before that was resolved. Anybody else notice this too?

I got my Model S end of July when the tech package included the led interior lighting. Not sure if that is a factor.

Several owners over on TMC have confirmed that the active air suspension no longer lowers at speed and will not allow manual lowering at speed.

This "feature" is not included in the release notes and there does not appear to be any official acknowledgement that engineering has made this change.

@ lolachampcar : "Several owners over on TMC have confirmed that the active air suspension no longer lowers at speed and will not allow manual lowering at speed."

Will this have any noticeable effect on range?

@Chunky Jr. "Will this have any noticeable effect on range?"

Likely not. While it was stated that lowering increased range, I've never seen Tesla state either miles or percent range improvement due to the auto-lowering feature. Many other items (tires, rear-spoiler) have had Tesla statements to the amount of range effect. I think if it was significant, they would have specified the actual improvement.

Just checked and Smart Air Suspension still states: "Automatically lowers and levels Model S at highway speeds for optimum aerodynamics and rises to increase clearance in town.".

The prior description for the air suspension referred to increasing range. Someone on the TMC site posted a screen grab of the prior verbiage.


MAC address is great. I has tires replaced and asked the guys whether they can provide the MAC address via some service mode, but they could not. Great to see that now it is displayed in 5.8. Still on 5.6 unfortunately, and was one day early with my tires to get the upgrade done right at the SC. Oh well ...

How long do these updates ususlly take?
I'm sitting in the car now and the update just started.

It took about 40 minutes for me

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