Something very exciting coming...

Really exciting @TeslaMotors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way.

Read it online:

Care to speculate?

(Thanks Erik)

Elaborating on my previous post...

A supercharger network largely complete by year end would be a giant boost to Model S sales, and the stock could skyrocket. Elon could make back the $50 million investment in a matter of days or weeks from the increase in the stock price on the shares he already owns. The rest of us get carried along for the ride. What a sweet prospect.

@ Kleist, shop - Battery industry is one of the hardest, slowest and capital intensive there is. They are obviously committed to the same battery design for Model X. Panasonic is a giant with factories already working at high efficiency and economies of scale.

@carlk - "future models" already used last fall

It cannot be only product enhancement alone, the tweet contains "put money" and "v major way". Of course that needs a motive / story, I am as curious as anyone to find out what it is!



I'm from the Netherlands and just signed up to this forum, while I follow all the Tesla related news for quite some time now and was triggered by Elon's tweet.

My guess is that he appreciates my interest in his company that much that he is willing to give me a Model S performance version for free. Sounds pretty exciting to me and fits his tweet as well, since it is his own money and he probably sais to himself: I should give that guy a Model S for free.

Keep dreaming...

Seriously, I started thinking of two options:

-Pay back the government loan, though I can't really argue why that would be a smart decision other than is seems that this kind of loan gives rise to politically motivated arguments against Tesla that then can be avoided.
-Put his money in a joint venture between SolarCity and Tesla Motors to develop a nationwide (shorter term)/worldwide (longer term) supercharger network, thereby providing the energy for free to Tesla owners while licensing the technology in the long run to other companies doing electric cars. However, this would be a much stronger business case when the Supercharging network is proven to diminish range anxiety by ample proof.

So basically I came to the conclusion that I have no idea...;-)


C'mon are over analyzing. Clearly when he says he is putting his money where his mouth is he means a sizeable wager with Broder is soon to be announced! :-)

He is paying Russia $25 million for a seat on a rocket to the ISS and then will return to earth on the Space X capsule after it brings supplies up.

There was a blog post detailing the rough strategy for the supercharger openings around the country. (Bad news for those of us along the eastern seaboard, actually.) Maybe this is about new supercharger stations, but it doesn't seem like it...

In addition to my previous comment:

I remember him saying in an interview he would come with a message about Superchargers, presumably providing the technology to use the full 120 kW they can provide.

Though, in that case I cannot really relate is to 'putting his money where his mouth is' and calling it a 'very major way'. I know Americans tend to like the use of superlatives, so I don't hope it will disappoint. I don't mean that offensive by the way, in case someone feels offended by this generalization ;-)

Elon has inked a deal w/Andrea Rossi to Install an Ecat in every Model S,
Thereby enabling unlimited mileage, charging while driving.


Five more superchargers to connect MA to FL on his dime. Tesla just delivered its 10000 vehicle and the company is seriously cash flow positive. Tesla is branching into the manufacturing of electric airplanes finance by iron man. Can't wait till Thursday but, so happy I have my MS so won't have to worry about much either way.

He's going to put a Model S on Mars!

I think it Coud be the next tesla Model car (z?) the one that is going to be at a lower price...

@Nicu.Mihalache - I agree, but did that stop Elon before?... he is building rockets.
Batteries are his weak spot - (a) it is 40% of the cars cost and he has little control over the cost, (b) no competitive advantage... anybody can arrange 18650 in a web and (c) his supply is vulnerable - if GM offers Panasonic 50 cents more he will be at the short end.

HA! GM offer anything for an EV. They'd need three years and 5 billion just to get the + and - symbols drawn correctly in the battery casing.

Don't think both the GenIII car as well as a major improvement in battery technology has to be expected.

Besides the fact that Elon put his timeframe for the GenIII at least at 3 or 4 years from now, I don't think he changed his mind on that. Since the Supercharger network is not in place all over the US, let alone Europe or Asia, and the same applying for the service center network, he does not have the right arguments to persuade people other than early adopters to buy his cars.

On the battery technology side, history has proven it is hard to have major breakthroughs on this, at least on the short term.

That's why I reduced my options to the payback of the US government loan, which I don't see as a smart decision, but it is in the realm of feasible options, and on a joint venture with SolarCity on developing the Supercharging network together. Though I have my doubts on the latter, I think it is the most likely of the options I was thinking of.

We'll see...

@Sudre_ - funny. Replace GM with VW or a Chinese Company... and assume they do not play nice.

My guess, he is starting his own version of gmac, basically a financing company which will offer purchase financing and leasing for Tesla vehicles. Would increase rate of MS orders and, well run, would be another profit stream for Musk.

Hes purchasing a prepaid service plan with unlimited ranger visits!

Maybe it's about the connectivity issue; maybe that'll be free too?

@silenus136 - that makes sense... a leasing company ( with partners )

Will he send up a sattelite to address Tesla connectivity?


Big Foot has ordered the first Model X?

I hope for an AWD Tesla S. If that is the news I will sign a contract asap and will for sure pay 10K$ more for an AWD Tesla S. Heck I probably get 1 even at 15K $ more and I might go as high as 20K more then the P if Tesla add extra cool gadgets to an AWD Tesla S.

moved to Tuesday of next week... to avoid quarter end distraction... according to newest tweet..

Supercharger step change. 10 min for a 50% recharge.

SC network expansion to reach more many users and venues.

Financed by 100M personal stock investment from Elon (based on loans against his other equity

It's all about how Superchargers change the Game for EVs, and how this will juice TM
unit volume even higher, very quickly.

If Elon's bet is right, the stock rise will pay back his investment very quickly.

I think he'll be right.

Mark K did you plagiarize or do great minds think alike?

So no one thinks this is about eating money? Well I'll just go with what you guys said then. I don't want to be the odd one out and look stupid or anything, but if it does turn out that Elon Musk is going to eat a whole bunch of money, remember that I totally called it! But yeah, what you guys said...

as posted above - moved to tuesday to avoid quarterly distraction- hint being, it's not a short term consideration; typical Elon;

1) major Supercharger, 2) super-conductor investment (longer shot), 3) Gen II acceleration or 4) as olanmills says- he may be eating on his own behalf.
Given the 'excitement' part of his hint- I'm guessing 1 or 2 or 3
either way- I'm increasing stock/option exposure before the week is out

I think the key is 'exciting FOR Tesla' and put MY money where My mouth is. It will benefit Tesla but the money will not be invested in Tesla. For $25 million, Elon can put in a hundred or more supercharger stations, covering the US by the end of 2013, benefiting Tesla and furthering the mission of Solar City.

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