Standard VS Max Charge - How many miles do you get? How old is your car?

How many miles do you get with a Standard VS Max Charge?

What model do you have?
Age and Mileage?

I'm about to do both tonight. I'll post the results tomorrow.

5 Days Old
Around 260 Miles

2 months/3500 miles
234 standard/271 range

Mine was an Inventory car. P85.

One year old, 6400 miles.

269 range
233 standard

Cool cool

So far I got 238 in standard.

5 Day Old P85+
Around 260 miles

11 months 12k miles
Sig 85 just checked 269/233

Tom Saxton has collected an extended survey on what you are asking now.

You can download his spreadsheet draw it into a nice graph.

It's helpful to enter your information as well so we all can have a picture of battery degradation.

5 Days Old
Around 260 miles
Standard Charge 238
Max Charge 271

5 months
11,900 miles
Standard 234
Range 263 recently dropped from 266

9400 miles
230 std
?.. range

7500 miles
Range is pretty much exactly that, even at highway speed. The 60 is an electron sipper.


3 months old
6000 miles
230 standard
260 range

Is there anybody who is using their car with only 120VAC/15A service and the connector that comes with the car? If so how much of a standard charge do you get overnight and roughly how far is your daily driving? Modifying house/garage wiring for 240 V/50 A service is not cheap! The quote we have is in the $5k range.

I did that for several weeks and was getting 4 miles added per hour. The only problem was that the newness of the car had me giving many test rides and going through many more miles than my typical commute would require (~40 miles/day). Once normalcy arrives, 120V/15A could suffice. My garage has several 20A/240V plugs for shop equipment, so I fashioned an adapter and now charge at 12 miles/hour, which while slow to those on 50 or 100A seems just great for me.

8 months old
12,000 miles
Max charge 252 (last time was in August)

I wish I knew why the drop. It was originally over 265. I think I'm doing everything correctly.

Just get 238 again in standard P85+

Does it depend on the software version? I read somewhere that the newer software reduces projected range. Mine is reading 229 on a standard charge with v5.5. Should I be worried?

17K Miles, had it since March 17
Standard 229

10 months old
13,000 miles
Max Charge 247
Standard ?

Like dJay I think I have done everything right.

Since update standard charge 222, range charge 252 ideal miles 287. 16000 miles 7 months

P85 VIN3297
11 months old
27000 miles

100% Max Charge ~255
90% Standard ~230

Usually charge to 60% unless travel is planned.

One thing to keep in mind is that these numbers are effected by variables like temperature and how long the battery has been sitting. Tesla is continuously fine-tuning the math behind this number.

Sig P85: 10,000:
Standard 224
Range 238
When New:
Standard 242
Range 256 Never needed Range Charge then.

Being a new owner I am confused by the standard vs. range charge. If I slide all the way to the right to set the charge limit to max does that mean a range charge, even if I have "standard" selected at the main charging screen? I got 267 miles for doing that but haven't tried to set it to Range charge and max out limit.

11 months young
15,500 miles
168 standard
200 range

Mine is a 60, 11 months, 15000 miles. I dont know about 'standard' but full range charge is 198-200 rated.

*6 months old
*13,800 miles
*Standard charge consistently 227.1 per Visible Tesla

6 Months old
~15,000 Miles
Standard charge up until a week ago 227 *Currently charges to 224 (lost three miles range in a week!)

Range Charge - haven't done one recently

P.S. it has been warmer this week than last week so the range loss is not likely attributable to battery temperature.

9 months old
20000 miles
Standard 221 consistently.
Last Range charge 255

Seven+ months old, 11000 miles, last range charge 296 ideal miles (261 rated miles) at Quartzsite supercharger.

I thought that a standard charge used to be 93% but I have heard 90% too. The newer slider makes it a bit more difficult to compare.

My car is 13 months old.
302 miles ideal range when new.
300 miles ideal range on its one year birthday at 12,000+ miles.

Rated range measurements have changed too much for comparison.

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