Tan interior question

I placed an order for a Green, tan Interior with Obeche matte finish Model S last night. I had originally planned on black leather but was drawn to the tan interior by the showroom model. Can anyone provide any input or experience with the tan leather? I assume the seats will stay a little cooler than a black leather (my current car has black). Are there any downsides to the lighter color? Does it show dirt or experience color transfer from clothing? Any input is appreciated.

It gets dirty easily....but they cleaned it perfectly at the service center in Springfield NJ.

I can't comment on how well it wears over time. Mine is only a week old :)

I can say that your Green on Tan Nappa Leather is classy and will look sharp.

I have White with Tan. The tan leather is really nice and is a nice contrast to the black plastics and black carpet IMO.

As for cool temperature, I've had black leather in 2 cars and it's searing hot. So I opted for the Tan. They Gray leather would have been my second choice.

I've had white cars with tan interiors for over 30 years. Depending upon a couple of things, tan may not be for you. If you're going to keep your car for a long time, the leather will probably crack. When a black leather cracks, it's a black line which isn't obvious. In tan, a completely different story.

I have had a pearl/tan Model S for 4 months. I have 8,000 miles and get in and out of the car between 6-10 times/day. I'm usually in a suit, but even this picks up dust/dirt and the seats show some dirt, but every month I clean it and it comes out great.

It's a bit more work, but with modern leather, modern cleaners and conditioners, you should be more than fine. The car is open and spacious, the tan opens it up even more.

@emoflash, I have the tan interior with Obeche matte finish myself. I've been driving my MS for 4+ months and love the interior every time I drive. I have the black interior in my SUV and living in NC during the summer, it feels unbearable. Depending on where you live, you may want to consider tint your windows and windshield. I had it on and feel very cool inside even in a hot day.

My tan interior is still pristine after nine months. It fairly thick leather, thus I have yet to see any cracks yet (unlike a few of last Japanese luxury cars I have owned).

I usually prefer black, however, for some reason the tan looked far better in the MS. Plus I like how you can see a hue of tan in the carbon fiber accent pieces.

Thanks everyone for your input, I really like the looks of the tan as well as the accents with the fiber pieces. You have put my mind at ease.

I have the exact same color combo, while it is cooler than black seats, the pano roof does an amazing job of keeping the car cool. The tan will show a wear more quickly because its a light tan, but i don't regret my choice.

Jan. 2nd delivery 4K miles on tan leather. No issues at all. No color transfer, no appreciable dirt, no discernible wear. Only used by a retired couple.

Can someone recommend their favorite leather cleaner / conditioner? Thanks

Lexol is always a good choice--I also like the products from Griot's Garage (


I got the exact configuration. I really like it. I do notice finger prints on the doors (which have the tan leather on them).

I have green with tan leather. I love how it lightens up the inside. The pano roof blocks 98%? of the light, so I wanted it as open as could be, and yes, it does stay cooler. Every time I climb in, I smile. It also is pretty seamless with the roof liner. Good choice.

Someone wrote that black will not show wear because it is black underneath. That does not match several Tesla's I've seen in the stores. Those cars get very heavy use and I've see black leather with white or light gray spots at the heavily worn corners and edges. I hope that means my tan interior also has the light color underneath making wear less noticeable.

I have great luck with meguiars gold class. I included a link on the bottom. It's great for removing stains and dirt that has been lodged within the grain of the leather. It also leaves a beautiful gloss on the leather.

Emoflash - I have green with tan and lacewood trim...a great combination. I live in Las Vegas and tan is what you need for hot weather environments. Had the car for three months and no issues with color transfer from clothing to the seats.

That is exactly the colors I have, it is beautiful contrast and combo. However if u have young boys, get black, don't worry about it being hot that is what the app for!

That is my exact configuration. I've had the car since the first week in December. It has survived two kids, soccer, little league, ski season, mud season, two labradors and several Home Depot runs (and several thousand miles) and still looks great! It cleans easily. The only thing that was a little hard to get off was silly putty on the headliner... steam. Steam is your friend. Go for it. You are going to love it!

Thanks for the input. My sin is 20 so wont be riding with me and no grandkids in the near future (hope). Primarily it will be my wife and I driving it EVERYWHERE!!

8000 miles on my 85, Blu Tan Matt

Wearing very well indeed. No stains, sccuffs or color transfer that didn't wipe off with a little soapy water.

I saw the tan interior in the store model in Bellevue last week and was blown away! It looks awesome! I have black leather in my car now and I think that shows dust quite well. I'm thinking I would get tan now. Really classy looking and really opens up the inside. Makes it feel quite spacious. I'm glad to hear it has resisted getting dirty and is easy to clean.

SHE decreed that the Model S would be silver, with tan leather. This after haaving black, grey, silver, etc. in our previous ICE's. SHE further decreed that black floor mats showed dirt too quickly. So samples of various other colors from were obtained from vendors. Once SHE held the Oak carpet sample from CoverKing near the Tan Tesla leather, the order was placed. And SHE chose their 72oz. material, which is at least twice as thick as any other mats. (BTW, these thick mats are also available in black.)

The Oak mats really brighten up the interior and have been easy to keep clean. Their extra thickness also makes a noticeable reduction in road noise. And comments from passengers and other Tesla owners have been nothing but favorable.

Have yet to receive HER decree for the trunk. Rubber or clear plastic would seem most practical for dirty and/or wet cargo, but Oak would match the floor mats, further reduce road noise, and lighten up the area day and night.

I don't know why you refer to your offspring that way ("my sin"), but it's not very nice. >;(

Be careful with new blue jeans as they tend to bleed on to the seat. Be sure to use a good leather cleaner before the color sets.

@ir - you have heard of typos, right? Look at your keyboard - the letter "i" is right next to the letter "o". Don't you think emoflash was trying to type "son" and instead made a typo and hit "i" instead? Your response seems a little over the top and quite unkind.

Teasing, a joke. Lighten up. Ask emo if he was offended or amused before you pick up your lance and charge off to his defense.

@ Brian H - Usually a tease or a joke is followed by a smiley-face, not a frown. Based on your other posts around here, you seem to have some kind of a chip on your shoulder. I really am not interested in getting into a debate with you. You seem like a rude person in general.

My previous post was not intended for @ir, my apologies.

As a self-important noob, you have a typically uninformed opinion.

I live in a cold climate, and recently had the chance to drive a MS for the first time. I was thinking of ordering a Green model S to go with my Brides eyes. That is what led me to this site, what other think about Green and Tan color combination. She thinks Black leather looks very sharp, but I prefer the classic look of Tan leather. The issue to us is, will tan show dirt easily. The answer is yes, better than black. My kids call me a neat freak which brings to question how to keep tan leather clean. For years I have used one part vinegar, one part water with a little dish soap on the leather in my cars. I use a soft brush available from that fits to my battery powered drill, then applying the cleaning solution with a spray bottle. Keep the leather wet while cleaning and dry immediately with a microfiber cloth. Other wise the dirt will just soak back into the leather. Vinegar has amazing cleaning qualities, plus makes leather soft. You can also use a fingernail brush or just a microfiber fiber cloth to scrub the leather clean. It just takes much longer. I have heard steam and a micro fiber cloth also works but I haven't tried that. Once clean, I will rub in one part olive oil with one part vinegar with a little lemon juice. Olive oil will soak into the leather keeping it soft. A good thing about leather, it stay clean so cleaning is maybe once a year depending what ever happens. Which is why I keep my leather cleaning spray bottle handy.
You can take your car to the shop and have it cleaned, or bye commercial cleaners. Think of this, you bye the most environmental clean car and the the best car, doesn't it make sense to know that what your using to clean it is also environmentally safe for the environment. Of course my reason for buying a Model S, is that it will cost less to own and operate then what I drive now.
I just read about how others had asked how to keep the Tan leather clean, and I'm willing to share.


... and if you have any of your leather conditioner left over, you can share it with someone who has a salad but needs dressing.

I have this same combo, but with Piano Black trim. Have not had any problems with dirt or anything else with the tan leather in the 9 months I have had the car.

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