Tesla Annoucement 5/3/13

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
Time to up the ante (and fix some mistakes). Tesla announcement tomorrow.

Well, while I do love the MS, I wonder which mistakes?
I do like the "up the ante"


Supercharger & 4.5 with e-vampire gone.

not supercharger announcement yet, just to fix some mistakes :(

My guess, service tweaks. Could also be 4.5 with vampire fix.


Supercharging could be the "up the ante" component of the announcement.

no, read his second tweet... "Not part 4 yet"

4.5, maybe finally announce front and rear floor mats in all cars(tweeted once in past but then retracted), replace sun visors, parking sensors?

hate to say it, but I expect negative news :(

I can't believe it would be negative news. Elon wouldn't do the twitter anticipation game for negative news. This company and this car keep getting better (fog light controversy aside,) and I expect more positive news and continued improvements going forward. There's never been a car, or a car company, like Tesla!

"This is about getting a prior announcement right. Not part 4 yet."

Easter eggs ... 5 part trilogies ... and rewriting the rules of an industry.

God, I love the smell of innovation in the morning!

redoing math (real cost of ownership) on lease option?

Pretty sure this is to revise the "financing" announcement.

I just had my car serviced yesterday (5/1) and they replaced my floor mats and included one for the rear seats. Apparently this is already out there.

First 4 years service included. You do not want to leave it up to amateurs to decide to have service or not. This is a brand new car and it is vital for Tesla to know what parts are wearing and what not.

I hope it is about improving the service cost and policy for the prepaid agreement. Now that it is not required anymore for warranty to be valid, a lower cost or the option to do only once per year, regardless of mileage would be nice.

Whose ante?

4G? (the hardware supports it). Or is the "under your nose" announcement later?

@Kleist/jamestily +1

That's my guess as well.

In regards to the sun visors, yes they are small but I like mine and will ask Tesla to leave them alone if they asked if I want mine replaced. They are perfect and if you look at how sleek the car is and the angles, it's a Sedan with a Sport feel and the sun visors are a part of that feel. It blocks the sun just fine for me and I don't apply makeup so the mirrors are fine to. I thought I would have issues with the center console being so open, well, that has grown on me too and would get annoyed if something was there now.

You can't please everyone and sometimes, not everyone even knows what they like and can and can't do with or without.

@Brian H:
"Up the ante" is a poker-derived idiom that means to raise the stakes, to put more at risk, both in poker and in one's personal life.

The ante is the enforced bet that poker players must put into the pot before they can play a hand of poker. If you "up the ante," you increase the amount of the bets. Thus, upping the ante means to raise the stakes or increase the risk of a project.

Source: WikiAnswers.

@Brian H:
sry, I misread your post... not "what is", but "whose"... Never mind :)

I think it has to do with the financing. He's mentioned before they're working with the banks to "get it right", whatever that means. Having it available in more states at lower rates would be nice.

My guess is the financing will be revised to not be so gimmicky. I would be surprised if they modified the service plan. That's straight cash in the pocket.

I think parts in back order should be faster. Also improve on the service center customer service.

Please make it a 4G announcement!

I agree that the "mistake" refers to the financing program, as most people feel this is what hurts their reputation more than anything else, and unnecessarily so. For a company that wanted to be better than everyone else in every way, employing 'used-car-dealer' math to help sell their cars left a foul smell for most.

As for "upping the ante," I'm not so sure 4 years of free maintenance is "upping" the ante so much as a "call." BMW already provides 4-year 50,000 mile free maintenance, although that is factored into the sale price of the vehicle, whereas it probably was not for Tesla. Maybe 5-years, 62,500 miles?

Free internet+premium Slacker if you purchase(d) service contract or annual/12k svc!!

I think it wouldn't hurt if TM threw in a freebee in the annual main't cost. TM can negotiate a lower rate (~$7/car/mo.?) in bulk instead of charging an owner directly, say $20-30/mo for internet.

@rchiang, actually my local service center had just received several batteries and other spare parts to have at the ready citing a corporate directive to have spare parts in stock at the service center--even the batteries.

My conjecture:

Free 4G.

Why? Fast connectivity is really mandatory for an intelligently managed car.

This fixes mistakes (fees for fundamentals, insufficient bandwidth of 3G), and ups the ante (waives the 30/mo). This move will be hard to match by traditional automakers - as with free fuel on the Superchargers.

By guaranteeing that all customers have connectivity and supercharger access, TM can make the experience robust and consistent, and take the relationship with your car and the company to a new level.

With sales success, TM now has new leverage and is using it to pull ahead. They now have the muscle to cut a bulk deal with a wireless partner.

Expect the first GB/mo to be free, with instant online purchase upgrades for more GB's. That's the revenue opportunity incentive for the partner to sign on.

If so, another brilliant move to further widen the gap from the ICE pack.

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