Tesla App not showing interior temperature

The other day I saw my Tesla app display the interior car temperature but I checked twice in the past few hours and it isn't displaying it. Did 5.8 remove this or is something else going on with my app?

At least with Android this has been like that for me for the last 6 months. It shows consistently when I turn on the arum but maybe 30% of the time otherwise.

Try touching the temperature control at the bottom--that will usually prompt the interior temperature on my iphone.

I have seen.. When I start up the remote App and check the Climate tab and the Climate is in the OFF state many times the internal temp. is not displayed. if I turn the Climate ON, wait for it to update the status that it is running ( ON ) the Temp shows up.
Then again, sometimes when connecting via the remote App the internal temp does show up without having to do as described above.

This has been this way even before 5.8

For some reason it still isn't showing but I'm not going to worry about it. When I turn on my climate later I'll see if it gets better.

My car is in a covered lot but the temperature outside is probably 30-35 degrees. How long before should I turn on the heat to try and warm the car (and battery) before getting into it? I was thinking of trying 10-15 mins. Is that what most people do?

Is it plugged in? Consensus is that climate doesn't warm the battery, though charging probably does. 10 minutes is probably a good start for warming the cabin.

Physics dictates that using the battery will warm the battery, so even if turning on climate control only activates the HVAC loop for the cabin it will also warm the battery to some degree.

+1 Koz

To some degrees? ;)

"turn on the arum" Wassat?

Yes, of course, in PRINCIPLE. We are trying to limit our discussion to the PRACTICAL! Yeesh.

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