Is Tesla aware and/or considering this revolutionary technology?

I just read a lot about the material Graphene, a high-quality derivative of graphite that is revolutionizing a slew of products. What caught my eye especially and regarding electric cars in general was this quote:

"Engineers at Northwest University found that specially crafted graphene electrodes could allow a lithium-ion battery – like those found in your smartphone or Chevy Volt – to charge 10 times faster and hold 10 times more power."
I'd love to hear from Tesla on this....they make an extraordinary car and this could improvement could give it a quantum leap forward in my opinion to help overcome gas/combustion dominance.

San Diego

The GenIII does not depend on more than modest improvements in batteries, if even that much. A lighter car powered by 60 kWh using current tech would be just fine.

Consistent profitability and growing markets for 2 yrs should give TM good access to capital markets, both debt and equity.

Yet another announcement on "revolutionary graphene based battery technology" by XG Sciences. Though, as usual, no announcements on the mass production and distribution of any of this new batteries.

The first one to actually make available this technology for commercial use stands to make a lot of money and get a hold of the next generation battery technology.

Who will it be though? IBM's Lithium Air Battery? Toyota's Lithium Air? BMW's Lithium Air? GM backed Envia? Or any of the graphene silicone developers tave sprung in the past year and a half: Vorbeck Materials, Durham Graphene Science, UCLA, Universuty of Maryland and, now, XGS?


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