Tesla in Lebanon as Taxi and opening a showroom in Beirut. Supercharger corridor in Middle East?

Hello there,

I was thinking of starting a Taxi business in Lebanon, I know that because of traffic, the car would spend a lot of fuel idling, whereas, it wouldn't with a Tesla. Does anyone know of a contact number or department I could contact for them to help with bulk prices for several cars, installation, equipment, and perhaps give me a design to which I could build the actual Taxi station to. The company would use only Tesla cars.

Also, to open a showroom, if I were to sponsor, provide accommodation or build for Tesla, could I then regain the money back?

There are no import taxes on Hybrid/fully-electric cars so a HUGE amount of money could be saved, and profit made, from selling in Lebanon. It's a developing country, and it would be good to see some electric vehicles potentially replace the ones currently on the road. That would make the traffic quiet, and the only thing that you would be able to hear would be the beeping horns. There would be no engine sound, and just wind whistling away and horns

Selling electric cars, or an SUV like the upcoming Model X, would be beneficial. It has a rising economy and it can improve even more if they sell their fuel away whilst not using any themselves, creating a large profit by selling off oil, and by saving money on fuel by using electricity

Places like these would also be ideal for Superchargers

Also, later on, linking up Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and then Dubai. You could do a road trip through the safer parts of the Middle East, on 100% electricity. This would open another great corridor?

This will never happen. Even a cursory glance at the internet reveals that Tesla have no middle men or agents. They own their show rooms. They build their own superchargers. I doubt there is anything like bulk pricing. They can't keep up with demand now, so why give discounts. Besides the ME has lots of problems to fix before it would be worth the investment.

B744Mike, the Middle East, or Lebanon in particular has near enough no issues that need fixing ;)

Lebanon charges import taxes based on engine displacement, and with electricity being stable, building Superchargers wouldn't be a problem

They could open their own showrooms, and I'm sure that a lot of people who purchase high end Mercedes would jump at something that costs less and performs better, and is cooler...

0% taxes to improve private imports. But, 3G won't work and there needs to be an official way of import.

They could start a showroom in Beirut. First, do Lebanon and then Israel in Tel-Aviv

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