Tesla out to conquer range anxiety...

After the installation of its 100th. U.S. SuperCharger:

Tesla announced that their Supercharging network had delivered more than 1 GWh of energy during just the month of June, which translates to roughly 3.7 million all-electric miles and 168,000 gallons of gas saved:

Tesla Motors, grounding the dream in reality!

Full speed ahead!

Even after the planned 200 SC sites, there will significant gaps in coverage. Inconvenient routes may have to taken to get SC use. I suspect that Tesla may need close to. 500 SC sites in the US/Canada. Cities will need paid HPWCs in hotels, parking lots, etc. Capex would about $100M for US/Canada. Same for China and Europe combined.

Will take time.

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I think that certain back country routes may be sufficiently handled by HPWCs at rest stops for occasional romps off the Supercharger highway in North America.

Someone mentioned in another thread that there will be regulatory changes regarding publicly available chargers in the European Union that go into effect in 2017. All chargers will have to use a particular connector that is not compatible with Tesla Motors high rate of charge. So Tesla is likely building out Europe as quickly as possible to get as much coverage as they can before they are no longer allowed to use their own proprietary connectors at their Superchargers.


That, or perhaps the use of a plug-on adapter would suffice to accommodate those European plugs/outlets, you know, much like what we've been using to accommodate our devices when we're traveling abroad?

Just a suggestion.

Does the EU reg applies to private chargers in private property? Not like they are open to the general public.


Likely not, which means that the only time you'd require an adapter for 'public' charging is when you were out and about/away from your home.

JAA: I think that from Tesla's point of view, what is happening in the EU is similar to the 'Frankenplug' situation in North America. Since the use of that amalgamated charging device is not 'mandated by all' here by law, Tesla can ignore it. Not so the EU, thus Tesla must be sure to make their own Supercharger locations as ubiquitous as possible prior to the deadline.

If you can get anywhere in Europe on the Supercharger network, there is no need to develop yet another form of adapter. Besides, at least one of the mandated plugs on the new EU standard already has a Tesla adapter that can be used in a pinch. No need for Superchargers to have multiple umbilical connectors.

'Use what works' trumps 'Be water, my friend' in certain instances.

It makes me wonder, Tesla has been trying to find locations that will allow for superchargers. What about if colleges or other large organizations approached Tesla about installing a smalle 2-4 stall supercharger?

I can see colleges doing this as part of the green effort. Our local college put in public charging for EV that is 100% free and never closes (even after the college closes for the day) but it uses the normal public charging level 2 speed.

Just a crazy idea i had but I mean I do not see why they could not fulfill such a request if it was in a high traffic area, and provided they have 24/7 access to the parking lot

Connecter geometry aside, Correct me if im wrong, but isnt the tech and 120ishkw power output still only useable by teslas? Can other cars use that much power to charge on?

One way to settle it is to make it one common connector for all cars, and all chargers regardless of type, and let the car figure out how to use what is offered to it. The connectors will come down in price, the charging industry can do its supply chain magic.

The charging industry. Thats what we need and will ultimately have.

Then the car companies can make cars, and the charging industry can supply them. Man if i was a electrical utility i would be banging down solar citys door.

It is the gasoline distributors that dictate the inside diameter of the gas hole and the charge supply industry should dictate the connector.

I just coined a phrase there, did you catch it? You saw it here first!

Don't be a gas-hole, go electric.

Actually i googled it and it is the title of a documentary film about our favourite subject.

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