Time Magazine Edison History Issue

I could not believe it. The cover had statements giving Edison credit for the world we live in. I quickly browsed the pages and did not see any obvious well demarcated section for Nikola Tesla. I went to their website to send a comment to the editor and found an Article on the home page, "The Future of Energy" with a caption including phrases, " Energy innovation, new energy sources & sustaining or future", with a picture of a Fisker. I find this to be very interesting timing especially with the success and good press for Tesla motors, and Nikola Tesla's birthday around the corner on July 10.

any thought's

the photo of a fisker was pulled from a time article on Fisker's failure:

I understand that and if you read the article it mentions Fisker and Solyndra and argues for why we should continue to make those investments. However, I submit that when you are trying to make a point most people would put things and pictures that where in agreement with the point not contrary to it. Especially when, we all know a lot of articles are skimmed if read at all. often times people just look at the headline, summary statement and caption. Looking at that actually gives the impression that the article is a statement of sarcasm.

Energy innovation, new energy sources & sustaining our future", with a picture of a Fisker. I submit most people would have the reaction. LOL yes that's the way to failure not the future.

yes I find that quite funny, like a juxtaposition of success and Fisker. it's also funny how many schools teach about Edison's contributions to technology but not Tesla! Well at least he now has a car company named after him that is worthy of his name

I have a good friend who always tries to make sure her kids learn "out of the box" so to say. Ever since I started talking about Tesla 2 1/2 years ago (she was so happy when I finally got my MS so I would shut up about it) it got her started on researching Nikolai Tesla and now she is making sure her kids learned about him and his contributions to our world instead of just what the school system teaches about Edison.

Be aware that there is some colorful language there.

Wow, I always thought Edison was such an innovator. Thanks to all for the education on Tesla's amazing and under-appreciated accomplishments.

@ olanmills - what a great site! I'm glad there were comics, that's about what my mentality can handle.

olanmills -

that link is awesome. thanks. i will be advertising it. sad that Tesla really isn't brought up much in education except briefly in physics...

olanmills -

that link is awesome. thanks. i will be advertising it. sad that Tesla really isn't brought up much in education except briefly in physics...

I highly recommend two books about the Edison/Tesla rivalry. You will come out of it realizing what a jerk Edison was and how were all deceived by our high school teachers :) He used to give demonstrations of the "dangers" of alternating current to try to give a bad name to Tesla. He would electrocute dogs (and elephants!) with AC to show how "dangerous" it was. Check out these great books:

Also read here about how he stole a great man's movie and kept all the profits for himself:

Tesla was a great inventor no doubt. However a small inaccuracy in the interesting link( above;
It says that Tesla "...built the first hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls and proved to the world that this was a practical energy source"
I am sure several hydroelectric plants where built before the Niagara Falls version. Norways first hydroelectric plant was built in Senja in 1882. Tesla set his foot for the first time in the US in 1884...

I agree the text on Tesla does not explicitly claim he was first, but in the context it could lead you to believe so...

As I said, great inventor though, and a major contributor to a great car!

Edison cheated in competing with Tesla, by not being equally Batshit! >:P

Both great contributors in history. My great grand kids will be holo graphing about Elon Musk. Definently on the same stage. Hopefully, I will still be polishing my terrestrial mobile, the original Model S and telling the first hand account of the rise of Tesla Motors, the supercharger highways and the Tesla station networks, over and over again like a crazy old coop.

@ Brian H - Haha, yeah. I think it's much more lucrative to be an extremely smart, business savvy (but not quite brilliant) inventor than an ear-amputating, anti-bean religion founding, volcano-jumping, "beautiful mind", bat$#!# crazy true genius. It seems like the line between innovation and insanity is often very thin or blurred.

Among my favorite brilliant nuts:
Beethoven (probably bipolar)
Pythagoras (founded the above-mentioned anti-bean cult that believed beans are evil)
Michaelangelo (probably autistic with a bunch of personality disorders for good meausre)

Both Elon and Tesla are/were afflicted with eidetic memories for books they've read, apparently. Where does it all fit? >:)

I've seen it suggested Beethoven was lead-poisoned by some of the "Mineral Water Cures" he tried in order to deal with his progression to complete deafness. The symptoms match fairly well.

Brian H - That would make sense. From what I understand, it wasn't until later in life that he demonstrated symptoms. If we exhume the body, we could test for lead. Anyone up for a road trip? :)

Also watch the PBS series on tesla/edison

Exhumation not needed. Some saved souvenir hair verified it, it seems.

Brian H - Thank goodness for 19th century groupies, then!

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