US Dept of Energy's eGallon: EVs pay $1.14 a gallon?

So in an effort to make it easier to understand how much it costs to drive an EV, the US Dept of Energy has come up with a way to compare the cost of driving an EV to an ICE with their "eGallon." Anyone seen it? They take the average Wh/mi of the top 5 EVs in the US and compare them to the average fuel efficiency of the US gas- powered cars and figure in the average electricity cost in the US. Comes out to $1.14 per eGallon. They have the MS at 380 Wh/mi, which seems high from my experience (I'm at 350 for my 60 with 3300 miles). They use the MS, Volt, Leaf, Focus, and BMW Active E and they all average to 350 Wh/mi. In Washington, where I live, the eGallon is $0.84. Sweet! Yet another tool to convince the skeptics...

I wish they had done an analysis of the total cost of ownership, not just the rolling cost, which makes it sound like EVs are three times more economical than ICE. They didn't mention it one way or the other in their analysis methodology, but it appears they also included federal and state highway taxes in the cost of a gallon of gasoline, whereas in most locales, EVs don't pay any, but that is also changing and will add to the rolling cost of EVs.

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