What caused TSLA stock to go up/down today?

Hoping this thread might pick up steam as TSLA stock goes through some amazing intra-day and open/closing swings due to the large short interest (I'm assuming).

For instance: Yesterday the stock dipped really low at closing so I bought. Today it jumped back up and I sold for a healthy profit.

Why did the stock dip yesterday and then rise so much today? I didn't see any news that would justify it.

+1 mbcaffe

For those of us who trade Tesla stock, info from this list is our secret weapon. Most of the analysts who wait for the quarterly reports don't have a clue!


Current short interest is 29,632,402

Not 40 million, but still a lot. Perhaps you were thinking/meaning 40% of the float.

I think some of the smarter shorts are getting out already.

"David70 | DECEMBER 3, 2012
I think some of the smarter shorts are getting out already."

Does that mean that soon there will only be the dumber shorts still in?

Certainly looks like some have been trying to sneak out when no one is looking. However not so many can cover before it starts affecting the price.

Then there is this article

Could the Tsunami be building?

Two back to back articles in Yahoo Finance:

This Stock is Screaming Buy

This Stock Could Get DESTROYED by Ford, GM and Volkswagen

Total opposites, and yet the ironic thing is they both have many factual errors like this:
"Tesla is currently making 200 vehicles per week"

or this: "The company plans to install 120KWh batteries by 2014, which translates into at least 400 miles of distance covered on a single charge."

(don't we wish!)

By the last quarter of 2014 they may have 120kWh batteries.

My guess is that the 120kwh battery is for the model X. The wheelbase of the model X is four inches longer than the model S-allowing more room for a physically longer battery pack. There is no 40kwh battery pack for the model X.

Veerrry innerestin';
That would really put the Model X sales' goose pedal to the metal.

-$2 today??? the TM stock has a very soft support, very volatile still. when I bought I knew what I was going into

Tesla down $2, Solar City up $4!

Perhaps investors who want a piece of Elon Musk's success are selling Tesla and buying the cheaper (?) Solar City.

Otherwise, many times there is simply is no rhyme or reason for the daily moves.

Some taking home profits, and some splitting to SCTY? Still, I am not sure if that would be enough to explain what must be the largest one day drop since the "two executives leaving" thing in January.

Elon looked bad on CNBC today. I think he was just trying not to overshadow the Solar City IPO when the hosts were asking about Tesla, but it came across like he was ducking the questions about production and cash flow. And they also threw in a mention of the cash flow tweet and possible SEC inquiries. And then an off topic rant about the "Fiscal Cliff" (which I actually agreed with).

He also can't be happy that Solar City IPO'd for a much too conservative price, based on the subsequent move in the stock.

Either way, if it really is due to the interview, that's just a buying opportunity.


First, I wanted to write that I find that hard to believe, but after watching the CNBC thing, I think you may be right.

Here is what I get out of watching it:

  • Elon is less cool than is his habit - maybe due to bad sleep, lack of coffee, Solar City worries, or maybe because he just does not look good in SCTY green. No particular reason to think that this should be Tesla related.
  • He does not want to talk Tesla (cash-flow, production rate etc.) - but he has a very good reason for not wanting to: he is there to talk Solar City, not Tesla. The interviewer is to blame.
  • He may be seen as trying to escape the fiscal cliff/subsidies issue - and, even if he is right, I think it would be better for him to be less arrogant on this topic as it is a real concern for a lot of people, investors included.

All in all, this was one of Elon's less impressive public performances. And some (a lot of) people may have drawn TSLA conclusions from it, even if, in my opinion, it is unfounded.

If this contributed to today's dramatic drop, it just helps to prove how absurdly volatile this stock is. And as you say, yet another buying opportunity (I will wait till it drops quite a bit more).

I 'spect the underlying hot-hot-hot MS delivery rate will drive it back up. That's the relevant fundamental at the moment.

Well, it's pretty clear the Y/E news and buzz is good! The stock jumped >$1.50 on Jan 2, actually opened high and is staying there. One big buy at open, then low avg. volume.

Wow, the stock has been on a wild ride today. Up by a $1.70 just before noon and on a downward slide ever since, although still positive. Anyone wish to venture a guess why?

Big trade started the rise, big trade started the slide. Still up 50¢.

?? Rumors??

large number of shorts were stopped at $36; many of those covered, squeezing price up on further long buying; shorts are still coming in though - maybe that's what the big trade was just past noon.

Electric car sales up 130%. If everyone has reported numbers publicly except Tesla, could we now know actual Q4 numbers? Could this help explain the action today?


I believe that 130% figure is a forecast for 2013... in which case no can do for Q4 calculation by elimination.

Ignore price for a couple of years, it will take care of itself. Put it on the shelf.

Up to $37 at the close. Many buys, not just a big solo trade.

RNB; what fun is that?

Between October 31st and January 15th the short interest has gone down about 5 million shares.

During that same time the stock price has gone up about $5 from about $28 to $33. If the stock continues to go up $1 for every million shares covered, then it has $26 more dollars of upside potential from the Jan 15th level!!!

A more realistic prediction is that the short interest won't go to zero, but might be cut in half in the near term. In that case a $13 advance from $33 to $46 or $47 a share is projected. At the current price of $37.80 we are 1/3rd of the way there already.

At the moment, $38.30! Lots of buying pressure...

Closed over 38, up to 38.67 after hours. Highest ever?

No, I see the 52-wk range has 39.95 as the high.

Stock bouncing back strongly today after NY Times selloff. This could be the reason:

My 2 cents:
I own a Model S. I owned a roadster before that. The problem with reviewers (NY Times or not) is that they are rookies to the technology. I suggest human error on the part of the rookie reviewer. I have been driving electric cars for over three years now. I can not stress enough how much better e-cars are over old ICE's. Just drive one (a Tesla at least) and the argument is settled. Stopping to charge every 20-30 minutes every couple of hours on long road trips is what drivers should do anyway. I have taken my Models S from San Diego to San Francisco and back 3 times already. Best road trips EVER. I you don't want one, don't buy one. Just don't knock something you don't know anything about. However, when you have a bully pulpit like a NY times reporter does, you really should do a little more research before you write an article. I guess the lesson is here that if you are a Luddite, you shouldn't be writing articles about new technology.

Great buy op before it breaks 40 resistance. Those that understand Tesla and Model S are doing this right now...

Yes; the article was a scurrilous plot by the longs to provide a buying opportunity! >:( >:p

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