What if Tesla does not survive?

I am not sure which forum to post this.

I hate to ever even ask but what happens if Tesla as a company doesn't survive? Is there some protection we have as buyers that will offer service/warrany/repairs for some time in the future?

@Brian H
"Elon has speculated about forming a holding company to control TM and SC and/or SpaceX. That would shield TM from hostile takeover."

Yes, good plan. Eventually somebody (the bad guys: oil/ICE) will try to stop Tesla Motors. Security and protection is required.

Elon Musk is the Da Vinci of the 21st century. Not to mention my idol! He even accepted me on Google+ yesterday. I don't know how he manages two companies with 5 kids and no wife. He must be one pretty awesome dad and a hell of a CEO. My hat is off to him!

Elon was the first to revolutionize online payments transfers on the internet at a large scale (PayPal), he founded the first commercial rocket launch company, SpaceX, which revolutionized space travel and beat Orbital, a 30 year old space company, to the International Space Station, funded the greatest energy company to date by using the sun (Solar City). And last but not least, Elon plans to capitalize and improve Daryl Oster's idea of Evacuated Tube Transport on to create faster and cheaper ways to transport people on earth, that being the "Hyperloop". They both may have come up with the idea, but I think Elon's net worth can make it happen.

I agree that TM has had a decade of revenue losses, but once the generation III comes out, their line of cars will be unstoppable with 2.5 million cars being manufactured in 5 years. I realize that during the last election, they were called "Losers". That name was given based on statistics. The major auto manufacturers see losses when manufacturing electric cars. Mostly because it cost too much to have their parts manufacturered for them. Many of the larger auto manufacturers continue to keep engineering them because of the government. That is likely to change. TM makes 70% of their parts in house. This is the same strategy SpaceX and many other profitable companies stay alive. It's a genious methodology, and it works! If outside companies made all your parts, they just increase the price of the parts to make up for errors. If they're built in house, you either fix them or you fail. It's as simple as that. TM has several hundred patents, and have won the 2013 car of the year award. So not too shabby. Fisker made some bad moves, and didn't build much in house, so they went down quickly. Elon is taking out loans from other places, and TM is selling lots of ZEV credits as stock to stay alive, at least for now. But they have to considering the cost of R&D, expenses for labor, and other factors for a start up in a multi-billion dollar industry. But the cost to make their electric cars are far cheaper than making most cars in our auto industry because there are far less mechanical parts that can fail in a car with hundres of less moving parts that don't need oil to keep them functioning.

I totally agree that TM and Solar City need some protection against the oil industry. The third largest oil supplier, Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments, bought 4% of Tesla shares (40% of Daimler's shares). I have seen too many other "green" companies fail because of the oil companies buying patents or lobbying to change laws that don't promote a green planet. Oil is essential for many things (like plastics and to grease mechanical parts), but not to kill our planet from combustion engines.

Elon has pretty awesome DNA. I hope his kids continue his success in years to come so I can watch them from heaven after I pass on. I hope Elon's SpaceX teams up with Google and some of the Google X Lab experiments they're doing (with Ray Kurzweil as Google Engineer) and create artificial intelligence that will carry the DNA of humans cryogenically and have the AI fly Elon's Falcon Heavy to other galaxies to keep exploring, and keep humans alive forever. Although the first step is getting to Mars and colonizing life there and to start to terriform the planet.

Yeah I can imagine the oil people pacing and scratching their heads, wondering how to shut this thing down or stunt its growth. With GM and the others, it was easy, as they were braindead puppet CEO companies with not so highly concentrated share ownership so they could just buy a bunch of shares, perhaps covertly through family and friends or obscure companies, and control them that way. Or maybe even just indirectly could have done the trick. But with Elon and his bunch of merry but now impatient followers, they have no influence, no way in because Elon et al own most of the shares. This is indeed their worst nightmare as the rebellion is gathering and gaining strength. It will still take some time, which is their only consolation.

I'm surprised Elon added you on Google+, kwanta. I'm surprised he even has time to be on that. Are you sure it was the real him. To be honest, I've been trying to establish contact with him, if he'd have a few minutes to spare so I can share an idea or two. That's why I joined Twitter, although I'm not one for social media. My current idea for him is an inflatable space ship, but I've decided to work out the details before I try to share again.

ummm where have you guys been? Don't want to burst your bubble but, the oil guys already slowed this down by more than 20 years.

There was a working Electric car in 1996 that was killed and we are all still paying for it.

Do you think GM just decided to stop making Hummers because they couldn't afford to make them? After a credit boom and solid numbers? not likely. More like they were told 9 miles to the gallon it was unacceptable and they realized they already destroyed their saving grace with a bunch of side deals.

They couldn't just start building it again. So they've done the next best thing. Put gas motors beside electrics. It's a compromise right?

If it wasn't for Elon, the EV most likely would not have been reborn and we'd be stuck with a bunch of electric/gas hybrids and all the other half assed band-aids they are still attempting.

Tesla will survive, but there will still be much more chaos. Sadly as it never even had to be this bad.

Tesla has a great Leader, so to my mind only an external problem like a war or a mega crisis can kill Tesla. As you know Tesla will have to spend lot of money in Supercharger but it's necessary.

Be confident, Tesla will write the electric market.

Actually, Superchargers, even the whole network, are quite cheap. They are a long-term marketing expense, much less expensive than advertising, and much more effective.

If Tesla has allocated $1000 per car sale to the super charger network (we know they charge $2k for the option with the 60kW MS) and I don't believe that the hardware costs anything like that much to make, $1K tops IMO.
This year Tesla is to sell at least 20k units and the following two years say conservatively 50k (25k each year) you would have 20k + 50k=70k units x $1k=$70m by the end of 2015. Divide that by 300k for stated cost of each station and you get 233 stations! That seems to be about what the 2015 map has.
Also I understand (someone please verify) there are no net running costs for these stations for Tesla after they are up and running.

Piece of cake. Tesla can't loose over that.

Although I don't particularly like the idea from an convenience stand point. If Tesla ever does offer their stations to the general public they could charge a hefty fee for the fast charge and make a further killing.

There is software and "tuning", individual to each car, much of which involves expert staff time. Do you have any idea what significant options cost from other manufacturers? Your attempt to parse the pennies Tesla charges is nonsense.

As for "making a further killing", that betrays a complete lack of understanding of the Supercharger project. It is infrastructure, to make the Model S and its descendants more attractive and useful. It, like the Service Centers, is NOT a profit center.

Besides, any other car would have to engineered to meet the standard that Tesla created for the superchargers. I can't see many other manufacturers being eager to do that........ for now anyway.

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