What's YOUR reason for getting/not getting the tech package?

Here is the feature list for the tech package:

Xenon headlamps
Electrochromatic side mirrors
LED foglights
Convenience lighting
Power rear liftgate
High definition back-up camera
Turn-by-turn navigation with seven years of free map updates
Automatic keyless entry

Xenon headlamps and Homelink are must-haves for me, the rest is just gravy adding to the "wow" factor.

What's driving your decision to include/exclude this package?

DanD | June 8, 2012

So Xenon lights are those annoyingly bright lights that temporarily blind you when they're coming your way? Seems like $4k is a lot to pay to become a road hazard.

Those that blind you have been directed in wrong way and usually in some older car as aftermarket job. High beams have to be bright in order to be any good. Because Tesla is offering them I believe they work just fine in Model S and don't blind the oncoming traffic (of course ordinary H4 would blind you as well if driver doesn't switch to low beams when coming at your direction).

@Timo, is that really true? I read something like that on a blog, that only poorly-installed after-market lights are the culprits and the ones that are factory-installed are pretty good. If it is, that is good to know.

~ Prash.

Well, I can't be sure of course, this is all just hearsay, but for my own experience relatively new cars with properly directed xenon lights do not blind you. Quite opposite in fact, to me it looks like xenon lights have better and more focused shape of the beam so if they are properly directed it causes less glare from the scattered reflections from the headlamp.

@EFusco I have an '04 Prius too, when I brought it home on the very first night I wanted to read the owners manual. When I went outside and approached the car the dome light came on and it put the biggest smile on my face. It was exactly like the VW ad where the husband calls his wife out of the house so he can show her that you can put the windows down with the key ( Keyless entry is one of the big reasons I plan on getting the tech package. "Model S, Spread the joy" :-)

It's my understanding that the car senses your presence when you have the keyless fob in your pocket. If you have the tech package, the handle extends automatically and if you don't, you have to touch the handle to get it to extend. Do I have that right? (stevenmaifert)

At least, that's my understanding as well.

I'm with all the Prius owners on the wonders of the Smart Key. I find myself annoyed when I actually have to take my keys out in order to open the lock on the front door of my house. It's especially confusing if you have one car with a smart key and one car without. I frequently walk up to my Mitsubishi i and touch the door handle several times waiting for the car to unlock. The automatic keyless entry is the only thing I want in the Tech package, and I'm trying to convince myself that I want all the other features so I can justify the 4K.

Agree with MandL, because it's called the Tech Package! Sure, I'm a sucker for marketing, but, nearly all of it is useful stuff, and compared to what I've paid for the same features on other brands, it's competitive, if not a little cheaper.

Those getting dazzled by 'xenon' lights, yes, I'm sure most of those are poorly-aligned retro-fits, or, worse still, ultra-bright blue bulbs that look a bit like xenon. Factory-fit xenon lights have (by law, I think) electronic alignment motors to prevent the dazzling, that's why they do the little dance each time they're turned on. The beam of might is also much more focused, which is why (in the UK at least) it's also law to have headlight washers, as just a medium sized bug ca reduce the light output dramatically.

For me, the xenons (for looks, and usefulness) are the most important feature from this pack, closely followed by the keyless entry, as I'm sorely reminded whenever I use my wife's care, that doesn't have that option. I hope it also means keyless start.

I am getting the Tech Package because, well, it's standard on the Signature and I like:

1) Xenon headlamps
2) Electrochromatic side mirrors
3) LED foglights
4) Convenience lighting (I do want to see this car at night)
5) Power rear liftgate (comes in handy for loading the +2's that I will have)
6) Turn-by-turn navigation with seven years of free map updates (enough said)
7) Automatic keyless entry (this was important to me as well so I don't have to touch the handle to eject them and open the car)

These two I can pass on so not a factor for me:

1) High definition back-up camera (not sure how this would be all that much better then low res for backing up unless it has some identifiers or beeping when you get to close to stuff maybe)
2) Homelink (because it never worked on my last car anyway)

When I tried to sync the Homelink in my Prius by using the garage remote control, I failed.

I had to get on a ladder and press a button on the garage opener itself to "learn" the Prius control. It worked.


What do you mean by keyless start?
I read that buckling the seat belt would turn the car fully on if you had the fob on you. I'm also hoping to see a mobile app with remote functionality.

Thanks Sousaphil, good to know! I think I put about 45 seconds into figuring it out and gave up too soon! :)

@sftesla - right there with you.

I really want the door handles but having a hard time convincing my other half they are worth $4K.

Keep asking my Tesla Rep if Marketing would split the tech package into two separate packages; lights and door handles vs Nav and homelink

- So Xenon lights are those annoyingly bright lights that temporarily blind you when they're coming your way?

That is the same thing that people said about halogen lights when they first came in to replace sealed beams. The problem will go away once the majority of the cars have LED or HID lights, just like the problem went away when most cars had halogen.

Regardless of type, poorly adjusted lights will blind the other drivers--and there are a lot of poorly adjust lights out there.

The key to Xenon lights is to make sure the are self-leveling - do we know if the ones in the Model S are?

If they aren't self-leveling they won't be able to sell the car with xenons in Europe.

- The key to Xenon lights is to make sure the are self-leveling - do we know if the ones in the Model S are?

The air suspension is self-leveling so that should take care of it. (Using the suspension to adjust the light level is how the Prius does it, albeit in a different way--the suspension only provides the clue that leveling needs to happen.)

No doubt the standard suspension will have a mechanism similar to the Prius'.

I don't really care what's in the package. If it's called tech, I want it. That being said, The only part of the package I wouldn't have ordered separately are the electrochromic mirrors.

I would rather upgrade the rims and roof then 4k on a tech package. This is disappointing upselling. I don't see the value. :(

It's no worse than what other companies do. On the 2004 Prius I paid $5k for the Nav system, keyless entry, handsfree phone, and some additional safety features, including HID. I don't see there being much of a difference either in price or what you get for the money. I'm not sorry I purchased them either.

I am not getting it. It is not because of cost, but subjective lack of value.

Navigation on my phone works perectly the few times a year I need it. What is really disappointing to me is the lack of Technology in the tech package. They are convenience features for sure, but telling my technolgy centric friends that I got the tech package on this car would seem analagous to telling them how advanced by CD player was.

Why am I getting it? It is not the value or how much I “need or want” any of the features. I am getting it for peace of mind. I don’t want to look back in a year and say “I wish I had this or that.” Once you feel you are missing something it is an unhappy slide down the road of dissatisfaction. Also, as profane as this sounds, it is only money. I can always earn more. Surprise, I am only getting the 60Kwh battery.

On the bright side, I may have to re-evaluate my designed “S.” Elon’s teaser may make supercharging a must have!

My question for the HD Cam is: Do You just use it for savety while parking or for longer times- on the highway, in the City?
I've never seen a car, where You have HD-Backviewmonitoring as Mirrorsuport.
In addition- I'm a videoguy and I can say: "SD is dead!"... the 17'' Display has approx. 1200-1400 px horizontal, You'll need minimum small HD (1280x720) if you watch fullscreen!

I want every feature, they offer..the tech the sound pack, the performance edition, sunroof...everything-
because I know: they make it cool!
I don't know exactly, if I can bring cash for the top of the pop S, but I'll try.

LED headlights are "state of the art" on the one hand, but on the other one it's a bit shitty for other road users, which get flashed.. it's a question of taste!

Does anyone know it the Navigation in the Tech package also offer Traffic information to calculate the quickest routes based on, traffic and would it also be covered for 7 years like the maps?

See my note elsewhere about A couple of Roadster owners are renting out their cars at $50/hr, at times of their choosing (both seem to be doing it as a business, though). Could make a big dent in the cost calcs. Here's one link:

I am really disappointed that Tesla has not put Xenon lights as a part of the standard equipment. My 11 year old BMW was in the 30 000 dollar range then and came with Xenon's. As much as I love Tesla as a company, this option should be at least sold separately. Now when the Canadian government slapped 7000 dollar duty on the car and sales tax is 12 %, my 60 000 dollar model has turned into 90 000 with sunroof, suspension and tech package. I may not be able to afford the car that I have waited for 3 years since I paid my deposit. - I do not have the tech package. Drove the car after dark for the first time last evening. I've never driven Xenon's, but can say the illumination provided by the Hologen headlights was excellent.

Are there any side-by-side pictures of the halogen vs. xenon headlights? I'm interested in seeing the difference of the housing itself (in the daytime), as well as the difference in illumination (at night).

Good to hear @stevenmaifert.

The excellent staff over at Tesla allowed me to reopen my MVPA and remove the tech package (even though they did not have to as I finalized in November). Your posts give me more peace of mind that I will be more than happy with my decision.

@ChasF - Okay on all. I've tried to be as descriptive and informative as possible on the other thread, without being judgmental. I'm not trying to discourage or dissuade anyone from getting the Tech package. If it's right for you, and not a budget buster, then go for it. I will say though that Model S without the Tech package is still pretty darn awesome, and after two weeks with the car, I have no regrets.

HID conversion kits sell on Ebay for $32 - $60. I have one in my old Kia Optima, I did have to make a hole for the self tapping screw to hold the ballist. Our C320 required a second box to trick the cars computer to think the lights were fine.

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