Which Service Plan Option to pick?

I'll likely go with the 8-year plan but am considering whether the Ranger service is warranted. I drive to the city each day and have had my ModelS serviced at the Seattle service center each time so I'm not sure the extra $1k would be worth it considering I'd need to have 10 ranger visits to make up the cost. Is anyone in the Seattle area considering the ranger option? If so, why?

Same dilemma--live in Woodinville, but have taken the car in each time. Not sure it's worth it, might just "pay as I go" with the rangers.

Yeah, I'm not choosing the ranger plan option because taking my Model S to the service center has been relatively convenient, and I'm anticipating that the number of times that I would need an out-of-warranty ranger service to be less than $1000 worth.

I see that the "extended service agreement" is NOT available in WA. Also it clear that Tesla has made it unclear how these two programs (service agreement and service plan) will interact. As other have point out the distinction between annual service and extended warranty is not immediately evident (to me).

So.... since extended Service is not available in WA does that mean (a) it will be some day and we are expected to buy that AS WELL or (b) the annual and 4-year plans together will pre-pay for all maintenance?

At what point does "includes everything needed to keep your Model S on great condition" turn into we must pay for "repair or replacement of Model s parts due to defects in materials or workmanship" after the warranty period?

Don't even get me started about why Signature owners are not getting any of this included in our premium.

This seems to penny-wise and pound-foolish to me on Tesla's part.

What about the tire protection? Does anyone know if that covers curb-rash? I can't tell from the wording. If so, that might be worth the 225/year to not have to worry about it. Not sure on that one either.

It does not cover curb rash. It only covers damage that would require wheel or tire repair/replacement for function or safety (like if your wheel got a crack in it, for example).

@pilotSteve, is the "extended service agreement" that you mention something different than the "4-Year Extension"?

I am in WA, and here are the options I see:

4-Year Plan $1900
4-Year Anywhere Plan $2400
4-Year Plan + 4-Year Extension $3800
4-Year Anywhere Plan + 4-Year Extension $4800

@olanmills - yes, I believe the "4-year extension" is just the second four years of the required service plan.

The problem (I think) is that after the 4-year warranty ends any PARTS that fail are NOT covered. That requires the '4 year extended warranty' which is not currently offered in WA.

I find it confusing and disingenuous that "includes everything needed to keep your Model S on great condition" (what you get with the 4-year plan + 4-year extension) does NOT pay for parts after the first four years.


is the 4 yr plan really a 2 yr plan b/c the 1st 2 yrs are covered under the new car warranty?

The service plan covers things that are NOT covered by warranty, like brake maintenence, cabin air filter (I'm assuming there's one), tire rotation, and alignment.

The warranty covers factory defects.

the tire plan is interesting as it covers changing to "your spare tire" that doesnt exist!

doesn't it seem that at some point there will be local gaarges/mechanics(for want of a better word) that will be able to service the car on an "as needed " basis

From Tesla regarding wheels/tires

"Our Wheel/Tires are insured through a third-party program. If you are in a situation where you have a flat on the road, you’ll be towed to your nearest safe location where your tire can be repaired or replaced.

As far as the spare tire goes, the terms and conditions are that of our third-party service provider. It is not Tesla specific and thus is simply referring to a spare tire if one is available."

IMO discount on prepaid is not worth it. keeping $1900 invested will make more than $2400 in 4 years. I am sticking with yearly.

...except you have no idea whether the prices or policies will change year-to-year. So it's still a risk you're taking.


Are you saying that purchasers in other states have an additional line on the service offerings page for an extended warranty? George Blankenship did announce a four-year extended warranty for $2500 in a blog post: Has there been any explanation as to why that warranty has not been offered to us?

@DouglasR - various comments on the forum indicate that an extended warranty is, by its nature, an insurance product that WA has certain requirements that Tesla must meet before offing it. I assume they will do so and we'll be notified when its available.

@olanmills - "The warranty covers factory defects". Um, ok. So if the not-yet-available-to-WA 4 year warranty extension excludes needed parts that fail in modes other than "factory defect" it make this less attractive to me.

If the warranty extension basically covers all parts that fail and the service agreement covers the labor to replace them (so our only cost would be the deductible) than I'm OK buying all three.

Still not clear to me. GeorgeB makes strong statements like "includes everything needed to keep your Model S in great condition" that I do not get from my reading of the agreement fine print.

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