Will power folding mirrors ever arrive for this wide car? At least 'wide' by European parking standards......

The Tesla Ownership Experience Team verified that the Model S does not currently have the mechanical components necessary for power folding side mirrors. So, this feature cannot be implemented via software only and therefore cannot be added.

Or be really really crazy, and walk out to fold the mirrors. . . :-P

I am really with Stark on this, and really jealous at you guys with reservations. Would hate to see you dropping out over such an issue.

@Tiebreaker: I did that at first, but it got old, especially when it was raining. :-)

If they do this, I'd also like to see more adjustment range. When I took the test drive, I wasn't able to get the angle that I've been taught to use to minimize my blind spot. I'd hate to think that the rearview camera is the primary way to see back there.

@Stephen.pace, I did the test drive months ago and had the same reaction you did--it is an amazing car to drive. Unfortunately, modifying the retaining walls to make a 10ft drive is $40K as it would require integration with 150ft of additional retaining wall (which I am going to do eventually, but not for a few years). Once that's done, I could widen the door opening by 4-6 inches, but that wouldn't change the entry as it is already off-set and I would still need to fold the right side mirror. Living in liquid sunshine Seattle, I have no desire to get in and out of a $95K car 9 months out of the year to fold the mirrors just to get in and out of my garage.

At this time, I have decided to cancel and re-reserve and hope they fix it by January, if not I will likely purchase the Lexus ES300h. It's no Tesla in performance or mileage, but it has the MPG of a Prius, better interior storage, and I don't have to buy a new house to fit it in the garage. Hopefully, Tesla will still be in business and fix either the width or the mirror issue as I would certainly purchase one in the future.

brianw31, width will definitely fixed by GenIII (aka 3-series competitor), expected to hit the streets 2015 (in the best of worlds). Based on the little experience we have, Tesla seems eager to fix the details, so there is a vague possibility that at some point they will fix the mirrors, too.

Best. Post. Ever.

dirk.saenen | December 1, 2012

3 cms on both side....

@Volker, I remain optimistic, but reality is beginning to set in that this likely won't happen. Not really interested in the GenIII and hope that they come out with a S 2.o for the new year, but if not, I do need a more green (i.e. fuel efficient) comfortable car that can go 100 miles a day and I won't wait until 2015 to get it. I will keep my fingers crossed that Elon will come to his senses on several of his idiosyncrasies around the model S.

At least he's not saying "Any color you want, as long as it's black" (his favorite).


@Brian H | DECEMBER 2, 2012: At least he's not saying "Any color you want, as long as it's black" (his favorite).

Yeah, but the "blue" and "green" colors are effectively black. It seems that allot of the decisions for the car's features were based someone's personal idiosyncrasies. If I were designing the car, it would have a totally different set of idiosyncrasies.

But back on topic, I don't personally need the folding mirrors for my garage, although 2 of my cars do have folding mirrors which makes it nice for close quarter parking. Hopefully, someone will be able to offer some aftermarket addition for folding in the mirrors - and I don't mean a string to pull the mirrors in and a stick to fold them back out.

Alex K

If you have it fitted by somebody else you'll void the warranty

There isn't going to be a S 2.0 for a couple of YEARS, if at all, much less a couple months after production start.

Your best bet is reserving a Model X and hoping Tesla gets the laws changed so they can do away with mirrors altogether and rely on cameras instead.

My guess, by the time TM gets around to mechanical folding mirrors... side view cameras will be permitted.

petero: Not in Europe

Maybe that's why no power mirrors - an expectation/hope that they'll be able to get approval on cameras in the not-too-far-distant future. Maybe a retrofit option?

Having lotsa mirrors pranged off would reflect badly.

Keep registering your reactions to the ownership experience team. it appears they are tracking this issue and the one about not having any handles from the roof (commonly known as oh sh!t bars)

Used to be cars only had mirrors on the driver's side anyway.

The flank of the car is almost as wide as the mirrors, anyway.

Odd question...if anyone happens to know.
I guess car manufacturers are required to put external mirrors on each side...But do they have to be 'in use'? Can you legally drive with the passenger side mirror folded? Or would that trigger safety alarms within the car? Has anyone ever gotten a ticket for driving with a folded mirror?

"The flank of the car is almost as wide as the mirrors, anyway."

Not really true. The mirrors add 9" to the width of the car. This is both according to the specs and owners who have verified the specs. Pictures are misleading.

Had a test drive here in Oslo, Norway the other day. Fantastic car to drive! It was minus 12 degrees Celsius outside, but the car was warm and nice inside.

What the Tesla rep told me when I asked about the power folding mirrors was, "wait and see" with a smile on he's face, so I guess there is still hope.

Keep in mind, almost half of ALL EU reservations are in Norway! So far over 800. And the average parking space here is 2.5 meters. I believe that makes a difference when the decision is finally made ;)

The fact that they are not there already is probably someone's idiosyncrasy in the design team. A bit like the third row seats.
The feature is a necessity in some some cases and a desirable one in others. I want it to prevent damage to the car in parking lots.
An absolute NECESSITY is the interior grab handle, and NOT so one has a place to hang coats - rather it is required to assist mobility impaired people!!!

How bout this, No mirrors at all!

e.g. Model X camera solution ( gotta get some regs changed butt.....?)

Not legal for very many places. So mirrors for Model X as well, prototype will change.

Just driven th S in NY!

Greta car BUT:

Iets prettig big and I Will not order iit without auto folding mirrors and Parking sensors

I just need this (in the UK)

Who's Greta?


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