Model S is designed to allow a fast battery swap, exchanging your battery for a fully charged battery in less than half the time it takes to refill a gas tank. This offers Model S drivers another, even faster option when recharging while driving long distances.

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Any idea yet of the price of a battery swap?


This is a great step in the right direction. Replacement battery packs are definitely the way to go.

I question the use of a designated robot specifically for Teslas as not being a sound business model as the cost of installing these all over the world will be astronomical.

An off the self robot like a Fanuc would seem to make more a lot more sense.

A redesign, if possible, of battery location to allow for a more economical service centre using mass produced robots, would be in the best interests of the business and the industry as a whole. Yet if this could become the standard for all electric cars then it's a winner.

Still, it's incredibly sexy ! Nice work.