19 inch standard all-weather rims....

Has anyone yet seen a beta wearing them? If so, impression?

I've seen the rims in person. They're quite handsome, much better than the photos. I have no reservations in ordering them.

I saw them tonight on number 43. They look good, but I am getting the 21's because I'm vain and the 21's look just a little better. Truthfully, I'm getting the performance and the 21's go with the theme. The 19's do look good, though.

Thanks for the response K. The 21's look better for sure but are impractical for me in the northeast because of the winter weather and the reduced lifetime of the tread. I'm not getting the sports package. If I were, the 21's would obviously be a must. Just wanted to make sure the 19's didn't look unbecoming. Thanks again.

@Robert22: "the 21's would obviously be a must"

Is there any technical reason for that statement, or is it just that it "would be a shame" to have the performance package and not feel the road as tightly?

[I haven't seen the aero wheels yet, but I'm leaning toward them. Not sure about the performance package, either.]

@EdG: the narrower sidewalls of the 21s will provide crisper cornering and sharper handling overall -- which is what you'll want to best enjoy the performance kick. But I'm with Robert22: in the Northeast, our roads and weather make the 21s impractical for daily driving.

Would the 21s have any impact significant impact on acceleration or just on cornering?

Should give better traction, more "rubber on the road".

My take is that because the sidewall is so much smaller on the 21s than the 19s, the amount of flex when cornering is much reduced, making a noticeable difference. The whole car will be tighter to the road, measured by that flex.

Though I imagine the difference in instantaneous straight acceleration might be calculable, I doubt the milliseconds difference in the force of the wheel transmitted to the road via more rubber would be any issue at all.

Sorry.. Thank you Brian. I forgot that the 21s are wider. That's an issue.

Yea, what I'm wonder is how much difference. I'd actually like the 19" even though I'm also considering the Perf model. If 19" tires had a big impact on straight away acceleration though, that'd impact my decision. If it's a small impact, then it's not as much a concern.

As EdG, "I haven't seen the aero wheels yet, but I'm leaning toward them."

I'm in Canada, and expecting to use the 19 aero wheel for the winter tires, and keep the 21 for the summer tires.

I wish TM will propose two sets of rim for the Canada (at least Quebec) as we have to put winter tires by the law.

I think they look sharp and should be relatively easy to keep clean of disk brake dust and road grime.

@toto, I talked with a rep today. He said that Tesla is working on a winter tire wheel combo to sell with the Model S. this would be in addition to either performance or all weather tires that you might get.

@William13 - In all locales, or just Canada?

I was very put off by the images on the web site showing the 19" rims, but after seeing them in person, I have no hesitation about getting them. For my 18-mile commute on the giant pothole that is Highway 101, I think these wheels are likely to give a smoother ride.

I was surprised, by the way, when I checked out the tire models that Tesla had on two of the prototypes (by going to Tire Rack's site), and found that the 21" tires aren't much different in price from the 19. I thought they'd be some big premium in price. But, both sets were around $300/ea.

Been trying to figger what an "all-weather rim is". I know of all-season tires, but have no idea what rims and weather have to do with each other.

Snow build up brian, think about it ;)

Michael37, yes the prices are about the same for the tires. The difference is in the lifespan. We'll be replacing the 21" tires more frequently than those with 19".

I'm looking forward to the announcement of accessories like winter tire sets and roof racks. I hope the tire set is priced reasonably.

I admiit that I am not very knowledgable about wheels and tires. I love the 21" wheel, but is there not a manufacturer who makes a tire for it that has the qualities of the 19" tire?

The tire has to fit inside the wheel well. Some of that space is metal (wheel) and some is rubber (tire). The bigger the diameter of the wheel, the smaller the height ("profile") of the tire - if it's going to fit. And that smaller height of the tires that fit on the 21" rims make for the handling those low profile tires offer.

@Brianman the Tesla rep and I are in Chicago area. I asked if he would check with corporate to see if I could buy 19 inch rims without tires for winter tire use as I would be getting 21 inch with the car. These do not come with all season or winter option. He said that Tesla was configuring a winter tire/wheel option that would likely be ready by the time I lock in my order in about one month.

Thnk you William 13 for all the details

@William13 - Excellent. Thanks for the follow-up.

After driving both standard tires and low profile tires on two cars in the same day, I'm now leaning strongly toward the 21". I'm not too thrilled at the look of the 21" wheels(online photos, not "in person") but I don't think I'll be able to tolerate the soft behavior of the 19s. I could be wrongly depending on the sameness of the two cars I drove (other than the tires); I don't know. The cars are definitely different, but I doubt they're thatdifferent.

Reports are that the performance tires wear faster than the normal. I'm guessing that the wider tread would make them wear slower (less depth loss per braking) than normal tires, unless the tires are made of different materials. Different materials come with some performance tires, but I'm sure someone makes a tire in the low profile shape with (not as soft) materials like the 19s. Can I have the low profile and long wear?

I doubt it Ed. The whole point of low profile, high performance tires is to be extremely grippy in the curves, which calls for soft grippy tire material, which spells a shorter life.

I have found a few tires that claim a better wear but none that are all season.
From what I have read the 21" tires loose grip from low tempurature not just snow.

I would assume you could go to any tire shop and get some 19" rims and tires for the winter months. Tesla isn't using some kind of special bolt pattern are they?

Sudre, according my local tire shop, there is a little more than just bolt pattern to think about. There is also offset, so that the wheels don't foul the the wheel well!

The bolt pattern, centre diameter, rim width and offset are all crucial to suspension design - especially for front wheels. The self centering and stability of the steering can be severely compromised with the wrong offset, making the car 'tram track' (follow any groove or bump in the road).

This will be apparent well before the wheel fouls the inner guards. You can of course get 3 piece wheels custom made to have the correct offsets etc.

Here in Australia fitting incorrect aftermarket wheels may affect your registration and insurance - it is illegal to vary the track of the vehicle by more than 15mm without an engineers certificate. I have direct experience of this with my 928. The front offset is unusual at et65. Other Porsche wheels fit, but with the wrong offset - most commonly et47. When I bought the car 12 years ago the previous owner had et47 wheels on it. While it drove reasonably well it was unstable and wanted to follow every groove. A set of factory rims transformed the car - highlighting how dangerous it had been.

Google 'scrub radius' and you will find a lot of information on this topic - although the easiest answer is either to stay factory or make sure that what you fit is appropriate. Oh, and don't believe the guy in the tyre shop who tells you that he knows what is right. Most simply don't and are just looking to sell you some rims.

Mark E

Thanks guys. That's just the info I needed.

There now is a picture of the actual rims available:

Will have to decide between 21" coming with the performance or the aero wheels

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