60 kWh Model S EPA range released

Pessimistic: 70%;
Optimistic: 88%.

I'm bummed to see all the 85kWh folks passing me in line because I'm concerned about what could happen to the $7,500 Federal tax credit in 2013. My reservation would have placed me in line for 2012 delivery were it not for the 60kWh battery.

Nonetheless, the EPA news on the 60kWh is really good and confirms that this is the best battery for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the tax situation.


What's the impact of low temps on battery performance? The range utility on this site stops at 32 degrees. That's a balmy January day here in New England.

Since no 60s exist to deliver yet, I look on it as an efficiency push which could actually somewhat advance your date. There's way to little "visibility" of all the factors TM is juggling to say which way it would go.

@roccosima - Brian H would say NNIC. I bet the range degrades rapidly and TM doesn't want to advertise it. Just my guess however.

Tesla Model S curb weight spec is 4637.3lbs which I assume is the 85KWh. Does anyone know the curb for the 60KWh?

At some point someone asserted the models were matched using deadweights. Don't know if that's true, but might be easiest for handling and stability s/w, etc.

I am not sure if this is good new for Tesla. If you look at EPA ratings alone, its hard to justify the 85 battery. I would assume they have a larger margin on the 85. I cnat wait to see the 40, might come in over 160 if the weight drops enough.

I think they will start delivering the 60kw Model S in early 2013. Their latest email says the 60kw w/air suspension will enter production in Jan. It also says they are working up to 400/week I think. We will see. Have they even delivered 1000 cars yet?

Probably. My guesstimate is 1100-1200 based on VINs getting into customer hands. Using two shifts, at less than full bore, a tech said they were at 90/day a little while ago.

There are several threads discussing real-life numbers vs EPA.
On my 85kWh performance the real range is closer to 200 miles.
On the 60kWh version with the same average Wh/mi ratio (about 377Wh/mi for me) you'll get around 140 miles on a standard charge.
60 miles doesn't sound like much, but something to keep in mind, especially as the battery capacity degrades over time.

I think Tesla could make some "driving profile" based range estimator in the "go electric" -page. sergiyz gets 200 miles and someone just drove 400+ miles which shows that there is huge variation in RL ranges depending of where you drive and how.

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