60KWh EPA MPGe of 95 miles amazing, will the 40 KWh beat 100MPGe?

Hey 60KWh peeps....we get better EPA MPGe

The EPA last week released the officially efficiency and range numbers for the mid-level 60-kWh version of the Tesla Model S. Though Tesla was gunning for a rating of 230 miles, the EPA's test results assigned 208 miles as the official number. That's 57 miles less than the 85-kWh version of the Model S.

In terms of efficiency, the 60-kWh version of the Model S outperforms it's 85-kWh sibling with an official EPA rating of 95 MPGe versus 89 MPGe. The EPA says that the 60-kWh version uses 35 kWh to cover 100 miles, compared to 38 kWh for the 85-kWh Model S.

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